The Lockdown Challenge

BERKELEY VALE – 21 April 2020
So, we’ve all heard the PM giving us an overview of what’s ahead.  And it isn’t pretty – we could be looking at six months of “stay at home”.  I thought I would find it difficult being socially isolated and not being able to go out into the bush – as did all my friends, the first question I get when they call me is “how are you coping?”  Continue reading

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And then I was “grounded”

BLUE MOUNTAINS – 22 March 2020
After our Cerberus walk there was much debate about what we’d do on the Sunday.  We opted for Centennial Glen – and have to say that it was the highlight of the weekend, who would have thought that there’d be such a nice 1/2 day trip so close to civilisation? Continue reading

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The penultimate canyon before the Lockdown

NEWNES PLATEAU – 21 March 2020
Cerberus Creek – if I’d known this would be my second-last canyon for the foreseeable future, I might have chosen a different one … but on the bright side, we have a new canyon to explore when this whole thing is over. Continue reading

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14 Caves in 12 days – talk about “arsey”

CAVING in TASMANIA – Part 4 … 17 – 18 March 2020
I managed to fit a whole season of caving into 12 days … the world is in chaos, we sure wont be caving again in Australia any day soon!  For those who aren’t Australian, “arsey” is the equivalent of being lucky.  As I said at the start of this holiday, the whole point of it was to do the Midnight Hole / Mystery Creek trip – the pièce de résistance – and WOW was it ever worth it! This has to be a “must do” trip on every caver’s radar. Hope you enjoy reading the story in your spare time and living vicariously! Continue reading

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Will I ever hear an end to the complaints about the lack of a scheduled Rest Day?

CAVING in TASMANIA – Part 4 – IDA BAY 12 – 16 March 2020
And the answer to the question above … probably not!  The idea for my trip to Tassie came out of a trip to Mystery Creek Cave back in January 2019.   We made our way all the way to the bottom of Midnight Hole and I looked up into the black void and decided then and there I really wanted to do the Midnight Hole/Mystery Creek trip (while I still could).  So, here we are on our way to Ida Bay to do Midnight Hole … I had tacked on a few other caves to flesh out the experience. Continue reading

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