13 reasons why I’m blessed

NSW SOUTH COAST – 26 – 28 June 2020
A family trip away wouldn’t ordinarily be blog-worthy – as great as it was, it isn’t something that I’d publish.  However, getting most of the 13 members of my family to go on a bushwalk with me, definitely is blog-worthy.  And I got to take them somewhere that was pretty cool.
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How could I have stuffed up so badly?

BLUE MOUNTAINS NP – 20 June 2020
Thankfully I hadn’t but for a while there I thought I had! In actual fact, if Andrew hadn’t veered right instead of left, this trip wouldn’t have even been blog-worthy, so, thank you Andrew!  So, the backstory … an MSS member, Lynton G, a keen canyoner for many years, had asked me about a trip I did last year, David Crevasse he’d only ever done it as a long daytrip continuing into the Grose Valley and battling the lawyer vine.

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When you don’t know what you don’t know

NEWNES PLATEAU – 14 June 2020
I’ve been to Ethereal Canyon twice over the last three years, and I thought I’d pretty much nailed it, mind you, I didn’t have any track notes at the time, but I found sections of canyon, so I assumed I’d seen everything that this little creek system had to offer.  Just goes to show, you shouldn’t assume anything. Continue reading

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Bunglebori Unfinished Business

NEWNES PLATEAU – 13 June 2020
Cerberus Creek – when we did this back in March before the Lockdown, we were stopped by a waterfall that we couldn’t get past without ropes, unfinished business … so we determined that we’d come back with ropes and finish the creek.  So, here we were, on a very cold weekend and the aim of the weekend was to keep dry! Continue reading

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An adventure with Brad

BOUDDI NP – 11 June 2020
I didn’t even take my camera on this fitness day walk, after all, it was just a rock-hop along the rocks and a walk on the beach, not really blog-worthy.  But then we discovered that even though it was an hour after low tide the waves were about 6′ and trying to negotiate around a rock where the waves were breaking, suddenly made the trip blog worthy! Continue reading

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