IYDM Trip #5 – Jones Creek Exploration

ETTREMA WILDERNESS – 29 – 30 August 2020
Ever since 2018, when I first went out to the junction of the Ettrema and Jones Creek Trails, I’ve looked at the wheel rut tracks snaking off across the head of a tributary of Jones Creek, disappearing into hakea and heath and wondered if anyone ever went out on that long dis-used trail – supposedly it ended out near the massive waterfall on Jones Creek. Continue reading

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I really do have to lift my game

One could be forgiven for thinking I was just starting out in the business of leading trips – you know pouring over maps and plotting routes – I well and truly stuffed up this time.  Should have looked at the track log from back in 2017! Continue reading

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3 survive their first Adventure with M

WATAGANS NP – 27 August 2020
I did not have high expectations for this day walk, and when describing the walk to the proposed participants  I didn’t want to oversell so probably made it sound awful, but they were undeterred, despite the 300m descent and ascent.  But best of all, I had three people who hadn’t walked with me before, and I may even see them again despite the walk being a bit harder than expected. Continue reading

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Who would have thought climbing would be my thing?

For those who regularly walk (or cave or canyon) with me the comment “I hate f*%#ing climbing” is regularly heard! And I don’t usually swear.  So, I was really going outside my comfort zone to sign up for a morning or rock climbing with Beth. Continue reading

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In search of a Watagans Canyon – Trip #4

WATAGANS NP – 20 August 2020
So, a “possible” canyon that was hinted at by a Watagans Wanderer walker many years ago and I’ve finally gotten around to looking for it … six years later.  Steve R, Brad M, Peter F, Ian K and Lauren C joined me on what I fully expected to be “just a creek walk”. Continue reading

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