David Crevasse in a day

BLUE MOUNTAINS – David Crevasse – 14 April 2019
Many, many years ago, when I first started canyoning, I suggested to Lindsay B that we do David Crevasse.  He shook his head firmly, if he’d had jowls at that time they would have quivered, “NO, no, definitely not, too much lawyer vine”.  Well, 25 years later I finally got to do it, and without having to battle the lawyer vine. Continue reading

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I never thought I’d see the day!

ABERCROMBIE CAVES – 6 – 7 April, 2019
Ever since I started caving 10 years ago, all I ever heard from Jeff B was “you’ll never get me inside a cave!”  Our trip to Abercrombie Caves this weekend probably wouldn’t be blog-worth except for the fact that Jeff actually went caving!  And not some big-arse cave but he stuck his head inside tiny little holes! Continue reading

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The Wattagans still holds some secrets

Just when you think you’ve seen all that the Wattagans has to offer, you find out that it still has some surprises … a cave with what looks like old limestone formations, and an old drywall staircase.  Not to mention the waterfall of course, but then that was to be expected. Continue reading

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Who would have thought re-belays were that complicated?

GLENROCK SRA – 24 March 2019
Daniel B had organised a Single Rope Techniches (SRT) field day for Newcastle Hunter Speleos, so Marcia K and I (as associate members) thought we’d go along to get some SRT practice.  Marcia had tried it once before, and I sort of knew what I was doing, but found out heaps that I was not doing right! Continue reading

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Cultivating Weed circa 1980s

MARY JANE CANYON – March 23, 2019
I’ve seen places in canyons (high up in creek systems) where people in the 70s or 80s had cultivated weed … chicken wire used to enclose a big flat area beside a creek (so that the native animals wouldn’t eat it I guess), but this operation was way beyond that!  We didn’t see any of the “gardens” but the overhang used to dry it (in days gone by) suggests a considerable sized crop, not that I’d know (lol)! Continue reading

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