Kubla Khan – I might hold a record for this cave

CAVING in TASMANIA – Part 2 – MOLE CREEK – 9 March 2020
So, we’re up to our 6th day at Mole Creek, and the plan is to do Kubla Khan.  Now, Kubla and I have a history … I did it 2 years ago, and had a few issues, first I fell into the pool at Sally’s Folly and then I got temporarily stuck in a squeeze.  And that’s pretty much all I remember of the trip, which let me tell you took us 12 hours (underground), but it was a photography trip and so slower than normal. Continue reading

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14 Caves in 12 days – maybe a bit ambitious?

CAVING in TASMANIA – Part 1 –  MOLE CREEK – 4 – 8 March, 2020
And the 12 days didn’t even include travelling to and from Launceston to Mole Creek, then to Ida Bay and then Hobart! And, as David kept reminding me … where were our “rest days”? In my book, sitting in a car driving was good enough for a rest day!  I do have to admit being a bit stuffed by the end of our Tasmanian Adventure. Continue reading

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River Explorers on Woronora River

HEATHCOTE NP – 29 February 2020
Imagine a day out with pool rings, champagne, hot dogs and the words  River Explorers sung to the tune of  Viva Las Vegas (none of us could remember any of the lyrics other than Viva Las Vegas – maybe we’ll have to come up with a better tune next time).  A hot day, great water temperature, and lots of laughs … how much better can it get? Continue reading

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I might have to do a return visit to the Overland Track

A publisher in the UK sent me a book to review, which was a big surprise.  I told them that I had less than 100 subscribers, but that didn’t seem to worry them, they said that I probably had a lot of random people who came across my blog after all that’s how they found me.  There are a lot of random viewers out there, but I always thought they were robots (or bots!). Continue reading

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1,000ml+ of rain but who’s counting – The Milford Track Part #2

NEW ZEALAND – 2 – 6 February 2020
To wear over pants to keep my legs dry or not? And when was the last time I wore my Gortex jacket, seemed a bit tight … do they shrink (lol)? There was an undercurrent of excitement mixed with a little apprehension as we prepared our lunch and then had breakfast (Eggs Benedict – wow!). I know I was pretty pumped – aside from the too-tight Gortex that is. Continue reading

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