Return to Butterbox – after 19 years!

BUTTERBOX CANYON, MT HAY, NSW – 21 November 2020
I’ve avoided this canyon over the last 19 years, for a few reasons … you need a lead climber for the 15m climb  (to get to the top of the cliff to exit the valley), plus the older I got the more the thought of the canyon un-nerved me!  But then Shiva planned the trip, and she had a good team that I knew would be supportive and encouraging, so I decided to put aside my anxiety and jump back on the horse. Continue reading

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Bobbing for Apples (or the Great Camera Retrieval Adventure)

WATAGANS NP – 17 November 2020
After last Thursday’s Great Adventure, my very expensive camera was at the bottom of a mini-canyon.  I decided it was worth mounting a trip to try retrieving the camera from the bottom of the slot.  Jai and Trish agreed to join me. Continue reading

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Discovering the 1,000 year canyon

WATAGANS NP – 12 November 2020
This was a mid-week, joint MSS/BWOC trip, to check out some creeks that I’d identified as possibly having canyon-like sections (Part #5 in my “Search for Watagans Canyons” aka “there’s got to be something out there”). Continue reading

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Sirens of the Wollemi Wilderness – Trip #3

HUNTER MAIN RANGE – 23 October 2020
As we’d returned from Mt Coricudgy each day, we’d looked down at a magnificent “Bavarian” forest off the side of the road. It was untouched from the recent fires.  In my imagination I built a story where the forest was spared because it was the beginning of a run by the fire retardant bombers who were protecting the Wollemi Pines .  We didn’t have a clue where the Wollemi Pines were, and really didn’t want to find out but it sounded logical to me (and Lou). Continue reading

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Sirens in the Wollemi Wilderness – Trip #2

HUNTER MAIN RANGE – 20 – 22 October 2020
After a “day off” at our Dunn’s Swamp campsite, Lou and I were keen to get back to the creek.  Have to admit that Lou bribed me with gourmet food and treats that she would carry in to our camp cave and the expectation that we could drive all the way to the locked gate.  So, with a good weather forecast, we headed off. Continue reading

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