What’s left of thousands of years of a rich and complex culture

DHARUG NP – 10 – 11 August, 2022
Many years ago, someone sent me a document detailing Aboriginal art to be found in Dharug NP.  I love Aboriginal art, I love looking at it and visualising how it was created, Elders sitting around telling dreamtime stories and engraving fauna hunted or to be hunted.  But I’m frustrated that there’s so much mystery and only supposition about the meaning of the engravings.  How can we appreciate it in all its entirety when we can only “assume” what the story is behind the art? Continue reading

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Carnarvon Gorge

CARNARVON GORGE, QLD – 6 August 2022
A trip to Carnarvon Gorge wouldn’t ordinarily be blog-worthy, it’s a tourist destination that Jim and I decided to visit on the way home.  However, the fact that I walked the whole gorge from beginning to 1k from the end AND back again is what is blog-worthy.  All up a bounce trip of 23k including all the side trips, 46,800 steps! I usually “don’t get out of bed for a day walk” and certainly wouldn’t punish my body with a 20+k walk! Continue reading

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Mount Etna – environmental warriors, death and wanton destruction

MOUNT ETNA, QLD – 24 July – 4 August 2022
When Rod put the Mount Etna trip on the MSS calendar, neither Marcia nor I had heard of the place.  We figured we’d go for a holiday in a warmer climate and do some surveying.  I have to admit after the first day of bush bashing lantana to find a cave, and gingerly walking over tower karst, I wasn’t impressed.  But, after 11 days there, I’m hooked! Continue reading

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A Recce trip to Mount Etna

MOUNT ETNA NATIONAL PARK – 24 July – 4 August 2022
I was hoping for a few weeks in a better climate than what I’d left behind on the Central Coast.  Surely it would be warmer up around Rockhampton, right?  Wrong, once again I was unprepared for unseasonably cold weather. At least this time I was in a cabin with heating and a doonah! Continue reading

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The Road Closed Road Trip

CENTRAL COAST – MT ETNA – 20 – 24 July 2022
I guess after my great road trip from Alice Springs to Kununurra it was too much to ask for a trip where everything went according to plan.  Not that anything disastrous happened, just a lot of unexpected adventures.  It didn’t help that we did almost the entire trip during yet another “rain event”. Continue reading

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