Thank you La Nina – wickedly wet and wild

KANANGRA NP – 20 February 2021
The weather forecast didn’t look promising, but what the hell if we stayed home every time  “showers” were forecast we’d never go out. Mind you, camping at one of the highest points in the area with the forecast for thunderstorms (which didn’t eventuate), wasn’t a great idea with all those dead trees around us.   However, by the end of the weekend I was thanking the weather gods that had sent La Nina our way, I may never see this much water in this creek again! Continue reading

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Hindsight is always 20-20

NEWNES PLATEAU – 13 & 14 February 2021
This turned into (yes David), yet another epic trip.  In hindsight, we should have gone with the option to exit via the Tiger Snake exit track, it would have meant backtracking 600m and then going 600m or so up to the exit track and then an easy walk out.  Instead we continued up the Gorge and then an easy pass up onto the plateau, but around 2k of off track through a maze of pagodas,  and going this way probably added an extra 3 hours to the walk out! Continue reading

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3 Bullets Dodged

BLUE MOUNTAINS NP – 12 February 2021
Haystack Ridge>Lower South Bowen> North Bowen exit.
You think you’ve hit the jackpot when you “dodge a bullet” as they say in Australia (you know, when you just avoid a near disaster).  Imagine how happy I was at the end of this trip when I realised that I’d dodged three bloody bullets! Continue reading

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A wet Dalpura trip

BLUE MOUNTAINS NP – 30 January 2021
Alan C told me it rained all night on Friday night, I’d had 2 glasses of wine and some panadol, so I slept through the whole lot (in my car – no wet tent for me when I go home).  So, the three of us, Alan, Jim C and I weren’t in the most positive frame of mind to go with Rod and a cast of thousands to Geronimo canyon – crossing a possibly swollen river, or worse, getting there and not being able to cross it! Continue reading

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40 days and 40 nights – almost

BLUE MOUNTAINS NP – 29 January 2021
I had a great weekend planned, an off track adventure for Friday, then 2 days of canyoning with Rod S.  And then it started raining AGAIN.  By Thursday I was starting to be less enthusiastic, gone was the plan to drive up on Thursday night, and I started thinking about alternatives to 5 – 6 hours of walking down a creek. The forecast was for “showers” all weekend. Continue reading

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