Return to Sugee Bag Creek #2 – more unfinished business?

DHARUG NATIONAL PARK – 8 – 10 June 2019
I first started exploring this area in 2015, looking for a “grassy meadow” campsite in the headwaters of Sugee Bag Creek.  Didn’t find one on that occasion, nor on the 3 or 4 times that I returned.   But something kept drawing me back to the area, particularly 500m of “gorge-like” creek that had “canyon” written all over it.  So, Heather (who’ll go anywhere with me) and Stalwart Steve agreed to go with me on what I initially thought might be an “epic” trip. Continue reading

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How many ways can I stuff up SRT?

The continuing story of me trying to become proficient with SRT (Single Rope Technique – used in caving).  If I just have to abseil down a rope, or prussik up the rope, I’m fine, but add anything slightly technical in SRT and I’m crap! I’d like to blame the equipment, but I’m afraid the problem is the user.  Continue reading

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I’m sure I said no more “Traverses of Death”

WOLLEMI NATIONAL PARK – Part 2 – 19 May 2019
After our epic trip on Saturday, the Legendary Louise, Cool Tim and I all agreed that we wouldn’t risk another epic trip on Sunday.  So, I offered to take them to a special place that I’d been shown about a year ago.  Louise navigated us to the area, trying to avoid precipitous cliff-lines.  When we arrived, they certainly weren’t expecting the mini-adventure that we had. Continue reading

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Forget the F-ing Glow Worms!

WOLLEMI NATIONAL PARK – Part 1 – 17 – 18 May 2019
The Legendary Louise and Cool Tim invited me on an exploratory canyoning trip to visit an area that was new for them.  This was to be a recce for a summer trip, we’d avoid the really wet canyons, but would suss out entries and exits for the future.  We ended up taking exploratory canyoning to a whole new level! Continue reading

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Unfinished Business – Tumbledown Ridge

YENGO NATIONAL PARK – 11 & 12 May 2019
Yengo Trail > Tumbledown Ridge > Tumbledown Creek > Nowlands Creek > Nowlands Ridge > Yengo Trail
Back in June 2010, I did a recce day walk out to Nowlands Track with a few BWOC friends, just sniffing the place out.  Then in December 2010 I put on an overnight walk to Nowlands with the intention of exiting via Tumbledown.  Due to a number of reasons (heat – FFS it was December what was I thinking – scratchy scrub, bull ants and a navigational error on my part), all we did was the Nowlands Ridge part of the walk down to Sandy Creek. When doing my “wish list”, for some reason I added this walk to it as “unfinished business”. Maybe I should have read the trip report from the December walk! Continue reading

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