My New Zealand epic trip – #1

As I was putting my wetsuit on, to the deafening sound of waterfalls thundering over boulders and rocks, I asked myself “what was I thinking”? Booking this adventure in NZ three days  BEFORE we headed off to do the Milford Track wasn’t one of my brighter ideas.  The chances of me injuring myself or being swept down the raging creek were quite high, it would have been better AFTER the Milford.   Continue reading

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Recce #2 – Hawkesbury River abseil

HAWKESBURY RIVER – 18 January 2020
You know you’re hard up for an adventure when the prospect of 20-50ml of rain doesn’t deter you.  With our weekend of canyoning cancelled due to Parks being closed, Jeff B (trying to prove he hadn’t turned soft) and Heather (who’ll go anywhere with me), decided to ignore the fact that it was going to rain cats and dogs to do a recce and potentially set up a prussic rope so that we could do the Hawkesbury 80m Abseil over the coming months. Continue reading

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Abercrombie – the only act in town

ABERCROMBIE CAVES – 10 – 12 January 2020
This trip had been set up months ago, to try to finish off some of the outstanding cave surveying for the upcoming publication of the definitive book on Abercrombie Caves.  I knew it would be hot, after all, we usually go during winter, but I didn’t think we’d have a 40ºC day – and I was sleeping in my car, I swear the temperature was still 30 inside the car when I went to bed! Continue reading

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Abseiling the Redhead Cliffs – just for the hell of it

REDHEAD – 5 January 2020
Thanks to Brad from BWOC, we were able to go to Redhead and do some big abseils, just for the hell of it.  After all, with no rain and too many fires, there wasn’t much more that we could do; I was surprised that so many people signed up – obviously everyone’s getting cabin fever. Continue reading

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Coastal fitness walks

CENTRAL COAST – 3 & 4 January 2020
With so many National Parks closed, and high temperatures forecast, a couple of beach walks seemed like a good idea.  Normally not blog-worthy, I thought I’d post because some of you might think I am languishing in front of the TV feeling deprived.  The legendary Louise joined me for both days and Marcia joined us for the hottest day, Saturday. Continue reading

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