How many squeezy holes could there be?

KANGAROO ISLAND – PART 1 – 15-18 October, 2022
When Clare B told me about the project to survey 100+ new caves found on Kangaroo Island (in South Australia), she was very clear, she had no idea what we’d find – there was the possibility they’d all be squeezy dusty little holes.    Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

GLENROCK, NSW – 1-3 October 2022
The last time I visited this caving area was five years ago.  I remembered it being small squeezy holes and thinking that I probably wouldn’t bother to go back.  But Marcia and Diana were keen to go on this trip, and there was the opportunity of SRT practice, so we agreed to drive up together.  After four hours of driving, and still no sign of the gate, we’d all agreed that it was probably a “once off”, I’d forgotten how long it took to get there. Continue reading

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Hugh and the Playboy Bunnies

SYDNEY, NSW – 17 September 2022
This post is for my 2yo great-grandson, Mason, who lent me his bunny to be our Mascot, for the Annual MSS Observation Drive – wouldn’t usually be blog-worthy, but my teammate, Marcia K and I won the competition.  Mind you, you really don’t want to win, because if you do, you have to organise next year’s one! Continue reading

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Creek Exploration with John

DHARUG NATIONAL PARK – 12 September 2022
I’ve been eyeing off this creek for about 6 months now, even put it on the Club Calendar as a short notice day walk – thankfully no-one put their hand up to do it!  I imagined a lovely creek, in amongst a beautiful shady myrtle forest that “we’d just wander down”, well, I got about 100m of the myrtle forest but the rest of the creek was a full body workout! Continue reading

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Borenore Bludge Weekend

BORENORE CAVES, NSW – 20-21 August 2022
Jim floated the idea of a trip to Borenore Caves (one of the few caving areas in NSW that are open lol), there aren’t that many caves there, certainly not enough for a 2 day weekend, so, Kathy offered to put on a Murder Mystery night and seeing we were staying in some accommodation in Orange, it seemed like the perfect combination. Continue reading

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