According to the forecast …

CANYONING BLUE MOUNTAINS – 17 – 18 November 2018
The lead up to this weekend was fraught with changes … I had booked in on Rod’s trip to Fortress Canyon on Saturday and had put Kamarah Gully on for the Sunday.  When I got back from NZ on Sunday night, I discovered that Rod had a cast of thousands and so I offered to lead a second group if he split the participants.  I ended up with four on my trip to Fortress and Rod had about 12.  By Friday Rod had canned his trip as, according to the weather forecast the weather would be miserable at best and he had all beginners, but I decided to go ahead with my group to Fortress – you never can tell what the weather will be. Continue reading

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My New Zealand Adventure – Part 3 Wrapping it up

PUKETITI STATION – November 11, 2018
We had finished all the planned caving and the day we set aside for scrubbing our gear was superfluous when we had all scrubbed our stuff and hang it out to dry after Thunderer Cave. So, what to do on our penultimate day … after much discussion we decided to do an easy “short” walk in the area, the Gorge Track and possibly Double Falls Track. Continue reading

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My New Zealand Adventure – Part 2 the Caving

PUKETITI STATION, NZ – 4 – 10 November 2018
So many people had raved about the caving in New Zealand, so when David S decided to put a trip on, limited to eight cavers, I was quick to put my name down.  Planning for the trip started 12 months ago, but was complicated by the location of the caves that we wanted to explore … permits to obtain, avoiding the lambing season and booking the shearers’ quarters.  But in the end it all came together thanks to David’s organisational skills. Continue reading

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My New Zealand Adventure – Part 1

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – 31 October – 3 November 2018
The plans for this trip started almost 12 months ago, was postponed by a few months (due to the lambing season) and then had a few days added to it so that some of us could spend time in Auckland.  It’s been 48 years since I visited Auckland (and NZ) … a lot has changed! Continue reading

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An adventure with M (Mel)

CARNE CREEK – 27 – 28 October 2018
Fire Trail #7 > Carne Creek > Miracle Slot > Fire Trail #5
Melinda is a “kindred spirit”, loves off track exploratory adventures, doesn’t care about getting wet, muddy or dirty and has a delightful sense of humour.  Mel also assures me that she only leads walks that aren’t going to “kill her”.  So, when she put a joint Sydney Bush Walkers/UBMBC walk on the calendar, with the added advantage of doing the Miracle Slot, I was “on it” like a fat kid on a Big Mac! Continue reading

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