Marble Arch – not what I expected!

DEUA NP – 26 January 2024
I had this vision of an archway in the creek made out of white marble and a track going through it, the reality was it was nothing like that!  I’d visited The Big Hole and Wyanbene Caves in 2015 and 2014 but had never taken the time to do the walk down to Marble Arch.  When I finally did it this weekend, it more than met my expectations, what a great walk, and there’s a cave there! Continue reading

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IYDM Trip #12 – Canyoning with the Dream Team

MOUNT WILSON – Gobsmacker Exit >  > Waterfall Creek > Happy Valley Exit – 13 January 2024
When planning this trip, I sure that it wouldn’t be a “we’ll just” trip, so I measured out the distances, 3k on fire trail, 1k on a footpad, 3.5k down a creek, 4k up another creek and 1k on a track.  I researched the sunrise and sunset times … we’d have 12 hours of daylight.  I estimated that in the creeks we’d be doing about 1k/hour.  So, I put out the feelers to see if anyone else was interested in an “epic trip”. Continue reading

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Lawyer (blood sucking leeches) Creek

Once we decided to decamp our Canyoning Extravaganza at Mt Wilson due to too much rain, we headed back to the Central Coast.  So, our list of canyon trips had to be shelved although the core group was still intact.  So, what to do?  I’d taken them on an easy coastal walk the next day, what about something a little more challenging?  So, out came the wish list, and the list of “unfinished business”. Continue reading

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Undaunted Buswalkers in the Mist

MOUNT WILSON – 31 December 2023
On the third night of our Canyoning Extravaganza, the predicted rain set in at Mount Wilson.  When we woke next morning, the campground was shrouded in mist with a steady drizzle.  Our planned departure of 8.30am was set back to 9.30am while we assessed our options.  Everything was wet, even the inside of our tents! Continue reading

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A little gem – exceeding all our wildest expectations

BLUE MOUNTAINS NP – 29 December 2023
Some time ago, when walking down a creek, John G and I spotted a side creek with a waterfall.  We agreed that it was definitely worth exploring, so I put it on my Wish List.  A year or so went by and finally we’ve committed to the trip, not expecting too much.  I thought it might have a 60m abseil, but my estimations aren’t that great, it could only be 30m.  So, it’s day two of our MSS Canyoning Extravaganza and we’re ready to rock and roll. Continue reading

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