I’m liking these 3 day canyoning weekends!

BLUE MOUNTAINS – Canyoning – 8 – 10 February 2019
Finally took Aine & Colin G to M***m canyon (the one they’d helped me find); followed it up with a run through South Bowen (always a favourite), and then sussed out some of the upper section of Bowen Creek (for a bit off off-track exploratory canyoning – lawyer vine optional).  A great weekend, although three canyons in three days, what was I thinking? Continue reading

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I might have to do Bjelke’s Mind again!

BLUE MOUNTAINS – Bjelke’s Mind and Bubble Bath Canyons – 26 – 28 January 2019.
Originally this was a much more ambitious trip (in fact it was an In Your Dreams M trip), I was going to knock off Crikey Canyon too, seeing I was so close. But, things didn’t quite go to plan (as so often happens!). Overall, nothing went “wrong” and nothing bad happened but when you lead a trip, it’s always nice when everything slots into place – ah well! Continue reading

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Caving – Mystery Creek

The caves in the Ida Bay and Junee Florentine areas in the south-east corner of Tasmania are typically BIG vertical caves, multi pitch abseils then you have to prussic back up to get out – way beyond what I’m comfortable with.  David S suggested that as we were in the south (on a quick trip to Hobart) we walk into Mystery Creek, one of a few “through trips” in the Ida Bay area.
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Caving – Mt Cripps

MT CRIPPS, TASMANIA – 5 – 7 January, 2019
After the ASF Caving Conference in Devonport, a number of Post-Conference trips were offered, one of which was to Mt Cripps, a highly restricted area and there were only 8 people that would be accepted.  Anna O-B and I were lucky enough to get spots on this trip and we headed off on the 5th after lunch. Continue reading

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Finally, a Tassie canyon!

MACHINERY CREEK, Cethana, Tasmania – 2nd January 2019
I’ve always wanted to do a “canyon” in Tasmania, well, they don’t have slot canyons as such, more like multi-pitch creek walks.  When I attended the 2019 Australian Speleological Federation conference one of their “mid conference” activities was Machinery Creek canyon, so I jumped right on it, along with most of the other MSS members attending the conference.  Continue reading

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