Grand at Night

BLUE MOUNTAINS NP – 14 December 2019
With the weekend’s canyoning trip to Mt Wilson a no-go due to the park being closed, we decided on a full day … SRT practice in the morning, Dargan’s Creek in the afternoon and a night trip through Grand Canyon.  Perhaps that was a little ambitious, it turned into a 15 hour day – we did have a couple of hours off for lunch and dinner breaks, but a BIG day nevertheless. Continue reading

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Blue Mountains canyoning – unfinished business

KINGS TABLELAND – 1 December 2019
Back in the winter of 2017,  Trish M, Steve R and I went searching for a way into this creek to see if there were any canyon sections.  We did find a way in, but didn’t descend down to the cliff-line as a deep pool stopped us – and it was winter, no-one wanted to get wet.  So,  we determined that we’d come back in the summer (with ropes) after a bit more research to see how long the abseils might be. Continue reading

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Type 3 Adventure – never, ever to be repeated

KINGS TABLELAND – 30 November 2019
Two and a half years ago, I’d done the exit of a published canyon with no problems at all – in fact a return to the canyon in the summer months was on my wish list.  What a difference 2 1/2 years can make.  Needless to say, it’s off the wish list now.  Probably the first time Jeff’s ever seen me almost in tears and hanging onto rock for dear life! Continue reading

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Traverse of the Gods – well, almost

With the Wounded Knee trip cancelled because of bushfires in the Colo area, Louise suggested that Mickey D and I do a day walk in an area that was far enough away from the bushfires to be safe.  I think the most notable comment for the day was “we’re almost at the end – we’ve got enough daylight hours to go and do Dalpura Canyon!”  Typically, it didn’t quite go according to plan. Continue reading

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Some of us have still “Got It”

ABERCROMBIE CAVES – 15 – 17 November 2019
Another weekend at Abercrombie trying to finalise some cave surveying and other information for the book that will be going to print in 12 month’s time.  We were lucky enough to have use of the old caretaker’s cottage and we were a nice efficient group of five so we were all looking forward to some interesting caving. Continue reading

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