Hard Core or Crazy?

KANANGRA BOYD NP – 17 & 18 December 2023
It’s a fine line between being hard core, or just plain crazy when doing wet canyons in freezing cold temperatures.  Dione Dell on Saturday wasn’t that bad but I was questioning my sanity on Sunday, when the 8am temperature was 3°C and we were going to do Box Creek Falls (a very wet canyon).  Continue reading

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The start of the No Gaps on Maps Series

DHARUG NP – 4th December 2022
Sorry, can’t take credit for the “no gaps on maps” tagline – it either originated with Louise or John G, not sure, but it certainly fits my foray into Dharug NP.  My map is covered in routes that I’ve taken over the years, starting back in the 1990s and since then I’ve done roughly 20 individual trips over a 45sqk area, but there was still some “unfinished business”. Continue reading

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Taking one for the Team

TIMOR CAVES – 25 – 27 November 2022
Sometimes everything falls apart but ends out working for the best.  That’s what happened on this weekend.  I was supposed to be going on a bushwalk, and Garry S was supposed to be leading a “Future Leaders” training trip, but then half of Garry’s group pulled out and the trip was no longer viable.  At the same time, NPWS had closed off the Park that I was going to, so I was now free to go on Garry’s trip so the training days could go ahead.  Continue reading

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Wotta – not again!

WOTTA CANYON – 20 November 2022
If I said to some of my canyoning friends that I was doing Wotta Canyon, they’d be forgiven for thinking “what, again?”.  Yep, off to Wotta again, but in my defense, with Onni offering to lead the canyon and Anna saying “ah, nah, not doing Pilcher again” I offered them the option of Wotta & Birrabang, neither of which they’d done before (well, at least Onni, Anna’s pretty much “done” everything). Continue reading

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Caving at Jaunta aka Blackberry Caving

JAUNTER – 5 – 6 November 2022
I’d heard a bit about Jaunter “tiny holes going no-where”, not even sure who said that.  But then, Rod put a surveying trip on at Jaunter and I thought it would be a good idea to practice, after all you can survey a small cave in just a day, so I signed up for the trip.  It’s out near Yerranderie, a long way for a weekend. Continue reading

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