IYDM Trip #1 Perryman Falls

ETTREMA TOPS – 13 – 15 July 2018
An IYDM trip is something I really want to do, but it would challenge me, a trip along the lines of “In Your Dreams M”.  I met up with the Legendary Louise out on Ettrema Tops last Easter and her enthusiasm about the area was contagious.  We started talking about all the places to explore including Perryman Falls.  By this time the long fire trail bash was a distant memory – I’d forgotten my words at Easter were “never doing that again”!
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Making assumptions always gets you into trouble

MOGO CREEK AREA – July 8, 2018
When planning a walk, half the fun is talking over the route, discussing the options and debating the assumptions that you make.  My usual walking partner, and who I rely on to call me out on sketchy assumptions, is taking a break so I was left to my own devices – turned out that pretty much every assumption I made was wrong!
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An adventure with M(Marcia)

BLACKHEATH – June 30, 2018
Despite gale force winds (we think the wind gusts were 40 – 60kph) and too much wine the night before, Marcia K took me on a walk to discover Porters Pass.  I’d not done much walking in the Blackheath area, and it was definitely worth braving the cold winds and checking out the climbers.
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Trying to find a needle in a haystack

MOGO CREEK AREA – 23 & 24 June, 2018
Four years ago, Trish N, Jeff and I visited a side creek in the Mangrove Dam area and I always said that I’d lead a beginners walk back there, the campsite was THAT good.    So, I decided that my knees were ready to be tested on an easy walk, plus I’d hunt out an aboriginal art site that I’d been given a grid reference for.  Helge L, Steve R, Trish N, Heather R and Mike W (the only person that could remotely be called a beginner) joined me for the weekend. Continue reading

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Abercrombie in June

ABERCROMBIE CAVES – 16 – 17 June 2018
Note to self … it’s bloody freezing at Abercrombie in June and if Beth suggests getting a cabin next time, don’t dissuade her!  Not only that, despite being in the middle of a mega-drought, it rained on both Saturday and Sunday! Continue reading

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