Audrey’s first overnight walk

WATAGANS NP – 22-23 May 2021
Before James (Jimmy) had children, he would often come away with me for an overnight walk – usually on Mother’s Day or my Birthday.  This year, for my birthday, he offered to come away for an overnight walk with Audrey who’s 5 years old (and is my granddaughter).  It would be her first overnight walk (very exciting). Continue reading

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I was having such a wonderful time!

In the week before this trip started, I’d told my kids and a couple of other people (who’d often queried whether or not I should be doing such epic expeditions) that this would probably be my last multi day (longer than 1 night) canyoning expedition.  After all, I don’t know any woman my age who’s still pushing the envelope like I am.  Well, I’m here to say there definitely wont be any more 4 day canyoning trips! Beware, there are lots of photos documenting this historic (for me) trip. Continue reading

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Exploring the Old Great North Road

I’d visited the start and end of this walk many years ago and always thought it would be interesting to see “what’s in the middle”, so I put it on the MSS calendar thinking that only Trish M and Ali M would go with me, but it turned out that others were also keen on a 4 day walk, none of whom hadn’t walked with me before – I was a bit apprehensive, would they enjoy the walk? – after all I wasn’t sure what was in store for us – and would they ever walk with me again? Continue reading

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Sometimes you can’t even get the map names right!

JONES CREEK, ETTREMA TOPS – 13 -14 March 2021
This trip started out with a cast of thousands, but when the weekend rolled around we were down to just the three of us, Ali, Trish M and me.  My head mustn’t have been screwed on correctly as when Trish asked me what topo maps we would be on, I sent her an sms with “Marriage and Tough I think”, bloody predictive text, didn’t proof read it, should have been “Nerriga and Touga”.  Trish got a good laugh out of it! Continue reading

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2 Stunningly Beautiful Creeks

NEWNES PLATEAU – 6 March 2021
Rod S put this unpublished canyon on the MSS calendar and none of us had any idea of what to expect, although, Felix O-B had told his mother that under no circumstances was the name or location to be publicised as it was a “fragile environment”. At least that’s what I think he said, it was second hand from Anna.  In the end, poor Anna couldn’t come with us but I’m sure she’ll get to see it eventually. Continue reading

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