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Belly sliding through a streamway – what’s not to love?

DEUA NP – 27 January 2024 I first visited Wyanbene in May 2015, with Natalie, we were underground for a long time, probably started around 9 and didn’t get out until it was dark (admittedly, it was May, much earlier … Continue reading

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Marble Arch – not what I expected!

DEUA NP – 26 January 2024 I had this vision of an archway in the creek made out of white marble and a track going through it, the reality was it was nothing like that!  I’d visited The Big Hole … Continue reading

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I should rent myself out as a rain-maker

NSW SOUTH COAST – 25 – 30 November 2023 Pretty much every multi day trip I’ve been on in the past year we’ve had a massive rain event, and this trip was no exception … more about that later.  Driving … Continue reading

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In search of the elusive Giant Pink Slug

MOUNT KAPUTAR NP – 15-19 November 2023 At 20cm long, and a fluro pink, this slug should have been easy to spot.  I didn’t know about it before I went to this National Park, but once you get there “Pinky” … Continue reading

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Panay Road Trip

PART 3 – PANAY ISLAND, RP – 8 – 14 October 2023 I’m in an outrigger with seating for 35, and there’s 38 people and so much luggage that it’s way overloaded.  The trip from to the main island will … Continue reading

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