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I’m really over commercial snack bars!

DEHYDRATING SNACK FOODS – With a couple of multi day trips coming up, I decided it was time to get the dehydrator out to see if I could come up with some light weight snack foods as I’m well and … Continue reading

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Chocolate Truffles – to go with the Red Wine

When you’re sitting around the campfire, there’s nothing better than chocolate to go with the Red Wine.  Yes, you could go out and buy a block of chocolate, but where’s the fun in that.  Plus one or two pieces is … Continue reading

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Too hot to walk or go canyoning, what’s a person to do?

With temperatures this weekend in the high 30s and low 40s, it was an enforced “home weekend” when Bailey and I had to cancel our proposed Rocky Creek trip.  So, I thought I’d make up some recipes a bushwalking friend … Continue reading

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Superfood substitute for nut bars

I am so over nut bars when I’m out on a trip.  Yes, they’re easy, but the only ones that I like are full of sugar and don’t deliver much bang for your buck.  Jenny H visited me a while ago and brought … Continue reading

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The BEST Beetroot Dip

AND, you can dehydrate it.  Beetroot, garlic, cashews, lemon juice … doesn’t get much better than this.  Jenny H sent me this recipe and I made up a batch and dried it (according to directions).  Took some out on my … Continue reading

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