Rock hopping at high tide

CENTRAL COAST – Forresters Beach to Shelly Beach – 17 December 2017
Ordinarily, a 2.5 hour walk wouldn’t be blog-worthy, but it was high-tide and at one sketchy spot, Trish commented that even a 2.5 hour walk with me turns into an adventure, so we decided that it was indeed blog-worthy!

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Fergies “should be a shorter day”!

NORTHERN WOLLEMI CANYONING – 25 – 26 November 2017

Well, those would be famous last words!  We had an amazing day on Saturday doing Greenup/Midwinter – no issues and we arrived back at Ray’s right on 6pm (as planned).  Sunday was a whole different ballgame – a trip of epic proportions! Continue reading

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Wineglass Tor & Washedaway Creek

MORTON NATIONAL PARK – 10 – 12 November 2017
Matodoro Ridge Trail > Monitor Mount > Little Horseshoe Bend > Shoalhaven River > Specimen Hill > Wineglass Tor > Backbender Buttress > Shoalhaven River > Washedaway  Creek >  Matodoro Ridge Trail
Two epic trips (combined into one … what was I thinking?) in some rugged country.  Knife edged spurs, rapids, waterfalls and death-defying scree but we all survived – and another trip crossed off the wish-list. Continue reading

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Cave Surveying 101 – Part 2

CLIEFDEN CAVES – 4 – 5 November 2017
Piggy-backing on our cave surveying course, Rod S. had organised a practice weekend at Cliefden Caves so that those of us who had done the course in October could do some “real surveying”.  Heather, Beth and I were able to go and Rod joined us with Phil and Luke (rookies / potential surveyors).  Surveying guru Bob K from Illawarra Speleos (ISS) and our Orange Speleos (OSS) contact, Bruce made up the rest of the party. Continue reading

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Ledges, Slots and Climbs!

NORTHERN WOLLEMI – 20 – 22 October 2017
A chance to go on a trip with John G should never be passed up, so when he said he was doing some exploratory bushwalks looking for “slots” in the Coorongooba area, I was “in like Flynn” (an Aussie expression).  Little did I know rock climbing would be involved! Continue reading

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