Another trip of Epic proportions

NEWNES PLATEAU – 20 November 2021
Is it possible that I’m the common factor in the Epic Trips of recent times?  We were doing Breakfast Creek, there was no reason to expect that it would turn into an epic, I guess it was another case of the Swiss Cheese Model.  The silver lining is that once again I proved that I could do a 12 hour day and still have some energy left over at the end of the day. Continue reading

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2 Stunning abseils

BLUE MOUNTAINS – 6 November 2021
We were all headed up to the Blue Mountains for the MSS AGM and Annual Dinner, it seemed a waste of a road trip not to at least do a small half day activity as we’d be up there. So I put the hard word on Johan to take us on a nice multi pitch abseil.  He settled on Sahara and Kilimanjaro – bonus, the last time I did Kilimanjaro it was a horrible abseil would be good to do it again and this time “get it right”. Continue reading

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The rest of the Juggler Weekend

BLUE MOUNTAINS – 24 October 2021
As we couldn’t do the planned canyons (due to not being able to travel out of our region), Rod had planned Juggler as a replacement, which we did, but didn’t have a plan for Sunday.  So, we sat around John’s kitchen table and tossed around some ideas for an “easy yet interesting” day and came up with a trip down Victoria Brook.  John wasn’t coming but had done it recently so gave us an idea of what to look out for. Continue reading

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Lockdown is over – well, almost!

BLUE MOUNTAINS – 23 October 2021
Whilst we could travel to the Blue Mountains, anyone from Greater Sydney (Central Coast, Sydney, Wollongong and Blue Mountains) were not allowed to go further afield into Regional NSW.  And, what do you know, the trip scheduled for this weekend was in Regional NSW.  So, we came up with a Plan B. Continue reading

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Not as unfit as I thought I was!

WYONG CREEK – 3 October 2021
So, we’re still in lock-down, it’s been 90+ days as at today’s date and I haven’t done a single bit of exercise, so on the 1st October, I decided to start walking.  Trish and Heather said they were doing a walk in Wyong Creek and would I like to come, so I jumped at the offer, was this what I needed to get back some motivation to stay fit? Continue reading

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