An unexpected Adventure with David

CENTRAL COAST – 25 July 2021
With my usual fitness walking friends either out of town, physically unable, out of our lockdown area or just too busy, I’d not been out walking for almost a month.  My son David kindly offered to go for a walk with me, so we went to a ridge that I’d often walked, mid-way between his house and mine.  Let me tell you, I was most unfit and struggled up the big hill to get to the ridge! Continue reading

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The weekend before Lock Down

NEWNES VALLEY – 19-20 June 2021
This started out as a weekend of canyoning, possibly a wet canyon, but after last weekend and the cold, I felt that a wet canyon wasn’t such a good idea.  There aren’t that many dry canyons in the Newnes Valley that we felt like doing so decided on some exploratory stuff. Continue reading

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Exploratory Canyoning in Brass Monkey weather!

NORTHERN WOLLEMI NP – 12 – 14 June 2021
This trip had been planned for a couple of months but then a “cold snap” headed in from down south and the temperatures plummeted! There were only four of us going, and each one of us (unbeknown to the others), questioned the wisdom of heading out into the wilderness in freezing cold weather!  Continue reading

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Whale watching with the Family

SEAL ROCKS, NSW – 4 – 6 June 2021
Following on from our great family get-away a year ago down on the South Coast, I decided that this year we’d go North, and the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage at Seal Rocks with the opportunity to do some whale watching, beckoned! Continue reading

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Getting back on the horse

MALAITA WALLS – 30 May 2021
Since my fall back in April (although I was on firm ground when I fell), I’d only abseiled once and that was a little daunting despite being only 10m!  However, Johan had invited me on an abseil trip to Malaita Walls, so I thought it was a good idea to get back on the horse.  Even though I’d done the Walls a few times, I’d forgotten how exposed it is! Continue reading

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