My New Zealand Adventure – Part 1

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – 31 October – 3 November 2018
The plans for this trip started almost 12 months ago, was postponed by a few months (due to the lambing season) and then had a few days added to it so that some of us could spend time in Auckland.  It’s been 48 years since I visited Auckland (and NZ) … a lot has changed! Continue reading

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An adventure with M (Mel)

CARNE CREEK – 27 – 28 October 2018
Fire Trail #7 > Carne Creek > Miracle Slot > Fire Trail #5
Melinda is a “kindred spirit”, loves off track exploratory adventures, doesn’t care about getting wet, muddy or dirty and has a delightful sense of humour.  Mel also assures me that she only leads walks that aren’t going to “kill her”.  So, when she put a joint Sydney Bush Walkers/UBMBC walk on the calendar, with the added advantage of doing the Miracle Slot, I was “on it” like a fat kid on a Big Mac! Continue reading

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Always have a Plan B

ETTREMA – THE WAVE CAVE – 13 – 14 October 2018
After a week of rain up and down the east coast of NSW, I was struggling with the idea of walking down Tail Race Creek (on wet rock in the 1-5ml of forecast showers), camping on the Shoalhaven (in the forecast rain) and then walking out on Sunday (again in 1-5ml of drizzle/ showers).  So, just in case, I came up with a Plan B. Continue reading

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The walk that just wasn’t meant to be

WOLLEMI WILDERNESS – 22 – 23 September, 2018
Culoul Trail > Culoul Creek > Tinda Creek > Wollemi Creek > Culoul Trail
About 12 or 13 years ago Geoff Sherwood put this walk on the calendar, I didn’t get to do it, but I put it on my wish list for the future.  I can’t believe I keep this sort of stuff for so long! Continue reading

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Return to Yagby

YARRANGOBILLY KARST AREA – 7 – 14 September 2018
As far as caving areas in NSW is concerned Yarrangobilly (Yagby) has to be one of the best there is for both sporty caving and good formations.  David S agreed to lead some trips for MSS so we locked in the dates and applied for permits – my only concern was “do I really want to do the Hughies Dig squeeze again?”
Continue reading

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