Another Skills Development day

I don’t usually write about skills development days – I run a lot of them and they’re pretty basic, practicing abseiling and self-rescue skills.  But I’d been thinking about running a leaders only day so that we could get to the next level, particularly with our SRT skills.  So, I liaised with two really experienced members and set a date.  And what a great day it was! Continue reading

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That’s it for me and Social Media

KANANGRA – 1 May 2022
This is a post about an ill-fated trip out to Box Creek Falls with Shiva, Jai, Ali and Kavita but it’s also about my divorce from social media posts.  Getting off FaceBook is probably a good thing and it’s time – I’m pretty much over the “look at me, look at me” posts and the bragging. I was getting to the stage that if I saw another smiling selfie in a canyon that’s been done a gazillion times I was going to puke.   Continue reading

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Canyoning in Ovens Creek IYDM Trip #11

NORTHERN WOLLEMI – 15 – 18 April 2022
I’ve been visiting this area quite a few times over the past seven years, but it’s hard to get there.  There are a couple of locked gates which means driving in is a bit of a problem, and to get to the canyons that are either unpublished or worth exploring, it’s a 20k walk.  So, it’s always been a dream of mine to get out there before I hung up my canyoning gear.  Louise came up with a plan to do her “dream trip”, and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Continue reading

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The “We’ll Just” Paradox

NEWNES VALLLEY – 10 April 2022
I’ve come to the conclusion, that any statement (made by me or any one else for that matter), that refers to a trip or route, like “we’ll just go up that pass and over to there then we’ll just go down into the creek”, will end up being an epic, or a bash through impenetrable scrub.  I’m not being negative, just realistic!  Keep on the lookout for these statements and you’ll see that “we’ll just” makes the trip sound “easy”, not that we intentionally make the undertaking sound like a piece of cake – in our minds it will be – that’s positive thinking for you! Continue reading

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Wrecky Decky Canyon – an adventure with Onni

NEWNES VALLEY – April 4, 2022
An unpublished canyon and a great day out with a new MSS member, Onni, plus Jim C and John G – with a group like that it was bound to be loads of laughs.  An easy day with some great abseils and a lovely section of rainforest, thanks Onni for taking us there!   Continue reading

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