Canyoning – Boudoir and M’s Folly

NEWNES PLATEAU – 14 September 2019
I had six people signed up to do Tuglow Main Cave – I’d never done it before and it was a case of do it now – or forget about it.  I’d put on a few SRT training days so everyone would be up to speed for the prussik out (especially me), and I’d applied for the permit six months ago and been given verbal confirmation that it was approved.  And then disaster struck! Continue reading

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Gang Gang Creek – unfinished business

SUNNYSIDE RIDGE – 25 August 2019
Day 3 of our Sunnyside Ridge Trifecta.  A couple of years ago John and I (and others) had explored Gang Gang creek and its uninspiring canyon.  But, we did come across a major side creek that had a big cavern formed by a massive rock fall.  We couldn’t go any further but determined that we’d come back from upstream of the rock fall to check out the creek.  So, here we were, off on another adventure. Continue reading

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Sunnyside’s secrets – The Cracks of Doom

Ever since Craig F recorded a visit to the Cracks of Doom, I’d been hanging out to go there, it looked really cool.  For Day 2 of the Sunnyside Trifecta – we’d be checking out the Cracks of Doom 1 & 2, plus Cathedral caveContinue reading

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Sunnyside’s secrets – Wolgan Falls

Most people that I’ve walked with know that I “don’t get out of bed for a day walk”, but three day walks on Sunnyside Ridge with the legendary John G, who could pass that up?  John had put a great play-list together … Wolgan Falls, Cracks of Doom 1 & 2 and a return to Gang Gang creek.  This is Day 1 of the Trifecta – Wolgan Falls. Continue reading

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The “Red Centre” truly is Red!

WEST MACDONNELL RANGES NP – 7 – 17 August 2019
For years I’d looked at Meg McK’s trips to the West MacDonnell Ranges (in the Northern Territory west of Alice Springs) and for one reason or another could never go on them.  So when this trip appeared on the CMW calendar, I was maybe first or second to book in!.  I stressed a bit about carrying all the food that would be needed for a multi day walk AND my tent, but then Jeff signed on and I was able to sleep under his fly (saving 1k of weight).  So, then I had other things to stress about, it’s been ages since I did a walk longer than four days! Continue reading

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