Off Track Bushwalking in Crocs – not a good idea

NORTHERN NSW – 5 October 2020
After we’d finished our caving exploration, Phillip offered to take us to a sea cave later in the afternoon.  I imagined that I’d be just walking down to a beach and then along some sand, you know, like at Caves Beach.  Rookie error, should have asked more questions.  I didn’t take my walking shoes, figured Crocs would be the way to go on the beach. Continue reading

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Last wild caving for the year

NORTHERN NSW – 2 – 4 October 2020
With all wild caving in National Parks still off limits, we were looking around to do some caving ANYWHERE, and Rod approached a regional caving club who were generous enough to agree to take us to some caves on private property, so, we were off! Continue reading

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Extreme Passages of Time

ETTREMA WILDERNESS – 19 – 21 September 2020
Back in June 2017, I’d walked from Discovery Cave, through the Passages of Time and then over to the North West to a side creek of Bundundah Creek, and discovered part of the plateau which had been rendered apart forming slots.  I was looking from on the top of the slots and determined that I HAD to go back and check out these slots from the bottom. Continue reading

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And you thought I didn’t know the meaning of an easy walk!

OLNEY STATE FOREST – 17 September 2020
My motivation to get out and do a fitness walk is non-existent, so I have been putting Thursday walks on the BWOC calendar.  Means that I have to do the walk, and also means I have someone to go with.  Who would have thought my day walks would be popular, so easy and that I’d find some walks that are hidden gems.   Continue reading

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Protected: IYDM Trip #6 – Up Ya Crack Canyon & Yarramun Creek

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