Wotta – not again!

WOTTA CANYON – 20 November 2022
If I said to some of my canyoning friends that I was doing Wotta Canyon, they’d be forgiven for thinking “what, again?”.  Yep, off to Wotta again, but in my defense, with Onni offering to lead the canyon and Anna saying “ah, nah, not doing Pilcher again” I offered them the option of Wotta & Birrabang, neither of which they’d done before (well, at least Onni, Anna’s pretty much “done” everything). Continue reading

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Caving at Jaunta aka Blackberry Caving

JAUNTER – 5 – 6 November 2022
I’d heard a bit about Jaunter “tiny holes going no-where”, not even sure who said that.  But then, Rod put a surveying trip on at Jaunter and I thought it would be a good idea to practice, after all you can survey a small cave in just a day, so I signed up for the trip.  It’s out near Yerranderie, a long way for a weekend. Continue reading

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How are we going to get back to Sydney?

Perhaps it’s me, every road trip I’ve been on this past year has involved rain.  The road trip to and from Kangaroo Island from Sydney and return was no exception.  A good thing we weren’t intending to do any sight-seeing, and on the way home, it was looking like we would have to detour via Melbourne to avoid the flooding! Continue reading

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BIG chambers – now this is more like it!

KANGAROO ISLAND – PART 2 – 20-22 October 2022
After our day of sight-seeing, it was back to the caves.  The groups had been re-organised and so for the next three days I’d be caving with other surveyors – this was great as I expected to pick up lots of hints about being more efficient! Continue reading

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So, what else is there besides caves?

KANGAROO ISLAND – 19 October 2022
Clare had slotted in a day for us to see a little of the “sights” on the Island.  There had been full on surveying now for three and a half days, most of it in squeezy little holes, so, off we went with our guide Pam to see the sights! Continue reading

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