Abercrombie … introduction to scaling poles

ABERCROMBIE CAVES – 16 & 17 March 2019
So, what are scaling poles you might ask?  Well, sometimes you need to get a ladder up to a hole in the side of a cliff (or the wall of a cave) so you can climb up to take a look inside.  I’d had them described to me, and they sounded really dodgy, a (preferably) small person climbs the ladder which is only held up by this pole! Continue reading

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IYDM Trip #2 Yarramun Creek Canyons

YARRAMUN CREEK – Wollangambe Fire Trail > Unnamed Ridges > Captains Canyon > Up Ya Bum Canyon > Captains Canyon and return – 7 – 10 March 2019.  An “In Your Dreams M” trip proposed by John G … the walk in and out would be 5 – 6 hours.  We would camp on Thursday night to get an early start.  I wasn’t at all confident, particularly as my backpack weighed in at 15k – way too heavy for me! Continue reading

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What’s that white stuff on the rock?

MT WILSON – Dalpura Canyon, 24 February 2019
More about that white stuff later …  the plan for the day was to go down the unknown section of Upper North Bowens Creek, but, with the outside temperature of 11ºC, did we really want to do a canyon which might have numerous compulsory swims?
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I’m pretty sure this is the fire trail

NEWNES PLATEAU – Zorro Canyon, 23 February 2019
After a night of rain (the weather and temperature hasn’t improved at Mt Wilson) I met up with the “crew” for Saturday’s canyon, Serendipity. None of us were overly enthusiastic about a really “wet” canyon so we started tossing around dry options.  Rod came up with Zorro, he and I were both familiar with it, Steve R, Alan G and Alan C hadn’t done it before.  Zorro here we come!
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Canyoners in the Mist

MT WILSON, Corkscrew Canyon – 22 February 2019
I looked at the weather forecast before leaving home, and it really didn’t look that bad, but by the time I got up to the mountains (3 hours later), it was raining, drizzle and cold-as. Rather than camp in the wet, I rocked up at Marcia’s with a good bottle of wine and stayed the night there. Next morning she and I drove out to Mt Wilson to meet up with Anna and John. None of us was keen to start walking in the mist. Continue reading

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