Hugh and the Playboy Bunnies

SYDNEY, NSW – 17 September 2022
This post is for my 2yo great-grandson, Mason, who lent me his bunny to be our Mascot, for the Annual MSS Observation Drive – wouldn’t usually be blog-worthy, but my teammate, Marcia K and I won the competition.  Mind you, you really don’t want to win, because if you do, you have to organise next year’s one! Continue reading

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Creek Exploration with John

DHARUG NATIONAL PARK – 12 September 2022
I’ve been eyeing off this creek for about 6 months now, even put it on the Club Calendar as a short notice day walk – thankfully no-one put their hand up to do it!  I imagined a lovely creek, in amongst a beautiful shady myrtle forest that “we’d just wander down”, well, I got about 100m of the myrtle forest but the rest of the creek was a full body workout! Continue reading

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Borenore Bludge Weekend

BORENORE CAVES, NSW – 20-21 August 2022
Jim floated the idea of a trip to Borenore Caves (one of the few caving areas in NSW that are open lol), there aren’t that many caves there, certainly not enough for a 2 day weekend, so, Kathy offered to put on a Murder Mystery night and seeing we were staying in some accommodation in Orange, it seemed like the perfect combination. Continue reading

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Carnarvon Gorge

CARNARVON GORGE, QLD – 6 August 2022
A trip to Carnarvon Gorge wouldn’t ordinarily be blog-worthy, it’s a tourist destination that Jim and I decided to visit on the way home.  However, the fact that I walked the whole gorge from beginning to 1k from the end AND back again is what is blog-worthy.  All up a bounce trip of 23k including all the side trips, 46,800 steps! I usually “don’t get out of bed for a day walk” and certainly wouldn’t punish my body with a 20+k walk! Continue reading

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Mount Etna – environmental warriors, death and wanton destruction

MOUNT ETNA, QLD – 24 July – 4 August 2022
When Rod put the Mount Etna trip on the MSS calendar, neither Marcia nor I had heard of the place.  We figured we’d go for a holiday in a warmer climate and do some surveying.  I have to admit after the first day of bush bashing lantana to find a cave, and gingerly walking over tower karst, I wasn’t impressed.  But, after 11 days there, I’m hooked! Continue reading

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