Outback Road Trip

My first foray into the Outback was the memorable Thelma and Louise trip with Wendy ,,, three weeks Sydney, Ceduna/Nulabour/Sydney.  We were mostly on tarred surfaces, but there were a couple of days when we were In The Middle of Nowhere.  Ten years later, I’m on another road trip into the wilderness, right through the Middle!   Continue reading

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Caving Expedition in Western Australia – Week #2

KIMBERLEY REGION – 4 – 10 July 2022 – So, last week we found a number of large caves that needed surveying; only the surveyors are in camp now, everyone else has gone back to Kununurra.  The weather is still being kind to us and we’re all fired up to see what secrets will be revealed in the caves we’ve found.  Morning temperatures are still around 8ºC but I’m a bit warmer now as the Lovely K has given me a hoodie to wear! Continue reading

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Caving Expedition in Western Australia – Week #1

KIMBERLEY REGION – 27 June to 2 July – I was honoured to be accepted on an ISS cave surveying expedition to the Kimberley Region, specifically to the Ningbing Ranges.  The first ISS surveying trip was in 2009 and they’ve been going back pretty much every year since.  Other cavers had been to the area quite a few years earlier and had reported that there was “not much there”.  How wrong they were! Continue reading

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Picture Canyon – the best canyon in the Budawangs

THE BUDAWANGS – 11 & 12 June 2022
Every once in a while you lead a trip when nothing goes according to plan, but at the end of the weekend, you realise that what you did was meant to happen.  This was one of those trips and we got to see Picture Canyon – “the best canyon in the Budawangs”, according to the Budawangs Bushwalks book, mind you, I think there’s only one! Continue reading

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Mary Jane canyon recce

BLUE MOUNTAINS – 10 June 2022
As many of my friends know, I’ve been wanting to clean up some plastic items in this canyon for some time, but the job needs more people than I have access to in MSS so I decided to call upon another group to see if they’d be interested in this project.  After all, I sometimes suggest a “we’ll just” project and it then becomes an epic, I wanted a second opinion on the feasibility of the project. Continue reading

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