Ubud – the Curtain Tie Back Wars

BALI – WEEK 3 @ UBUD – 15-21 June 2024
The two weeks in Ubud didn’t start off well for Christine.  On the first night, and for the next four nights, Christine undid the curtain tie backs on 3 of the 4 walls of windows so that she didn’t have the sun shining in during the afternoon and the lights during the night.  And then, when the staff cleaned the room, they put the tie backs back on the curtains again … so she had to take them off again that night. Continue reading

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1.5 Hours Floating in the dark – that’s going to be a stretch

BALI – WEEKS 1 & 2 @ CANGGU BEACH 1-14 June 2024
Probably the most “out there” thing we did during our first two weeks was experiencing a float tank at Float Solace. I knew that 90 minutes of floating was going to be a stretch, what was I going to think about for 90 minutes?  Christine’s main concern was what to wear … “I know we’re floating by ourselves but I’m not floating in the nude!” Continue reading

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Vast, Vibrant and Vivid

SYDNEY, NSW – 31 May 2024
I’ve been meaning to set aside the time to go to the Vivid light festival in Sydney, but by the time I think “oh yes, Vivid’s on” the days turned into weeks and next thing I knew it was over. So, it was a surprise when Christine suggested we go down and see Vivid the night before leaving for our Bali Adventure.  Who would have thought that Christine would also walk me off my feet!

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More Caving at Timor

TIMOR, NSW – 18-19 May 2024 – I hadn’t planned to do Jim’s Timor trip, but with only two going, I decided to be supportive and tag along.  As always Timor did not disappoint, whilst the caves aren’t “fabulous”, the shearer’s quarters and the company were well worth the trip. Continue reading

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Plan B bushwalking

CENTRAL COAST – 11 May 2024
We had been planning a big social event for the weekend, an outdoor Roman Bath’s night-time picnic on Saturday night, plus a 1/2 day bushwalk on the Saturday.  Then we checked the weather on WeatherZone and the forecast was for rain all weekend.  So, we came up with a Plan B – bushwalking looking for aboriginal art sites – the engravings are much more well defined after rain – bonus. Continue reading

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