Finally, a Tassie canyon!

MACHINERY CREEK, Cethana, Tasmania – 2nd January 2019
I’ve always wanted to do a “canyon” in Tasmania, well, they don’t have slot canyons as such, more like multi-pitch creek walks.  When I attended the 2019 Australian Speleological Federation conference one of their “mid conference” activities was Machinery Creek canyon, so I jumped right on it, along with most of the other MSS members attending the conference.  Continue reading

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Hat Hill – another Adventure with M (Marcia)

HAT HILL CANYON – 21 December 2018
Friday’s trip had all the hallmarks of being doomed … 3 of our 6 participants couldn’t make it; then I drove in peak-hour traffic through torrential rain with 50m visibility; if that wasn’t bad enough, each of the 3 mountains I crossed was shrouded in thick fog – 25m visibility; and then 20 minutes from my destination, power lines were down and the traffic was at a standstill for 10k! The only bullet I managed to dodge was golf-ball sized hail at Blackheath! Continue reading

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Another “what was I thinking?” trip

BLUE MOUNTAINS CANYONING – 15 & 16 December 2018
Trish M says that in addition to the “In Your Dreams M” trips I should have another category “What was I thinking?” trips as so often after (or during a trip) I mutter these words.  The plan for the weekend seemed so simple (and easy), I’d done these canyons before, so should be a piece of cake right? Continue reading

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Margarita Madness

CORANG RIVER, Morton National Park – 8 & 9 December 2018
The Legendary Louise suggested that we walk into the Corang River (one of her special places) and float around on pool rings drinking margaritas!  It sounded like a good spring adventure so we put a trip together which morphed into a true MSS Decadence Walk.
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Back to the 80s Canyoning

BUNGLEBORI CREEK – Waratah Ridge > Dead Log Canyon > Bunglebori > Luna Park Canyon > Bunglebori > Hailstorm Retreat Canyon > Waratah Ridge – 23 – 25 November 2018
Luna Park was always an IYDM (in your dreams M) canyon – a 10 – 12 hour day, easy for the young and fit but a killer for someone my age, so, I came up with a solution, camp on the ‘Bori, and then another bright idea … go down Dead Log to get there (with overnight packs). Continue reading

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