“We might be walking out in the dark”

CARRAI NATIONAL PARK – 27 January 2023
There are benefits to not researching something before you go, and this trip was a case in point.  I knew we’d be driving up “Kempsey way”, about 338k – a 3.5 hour trip.  I’d driven to Kempsey before, and yes, this time I was by myself in the car, but how bad would it be?  Well, Kempsey was just the start of the trip, another 1.5 hours west of Kempsey on fire trail, in my little AWD Mazda CX5, and finally we were at the campsite.  If I’d known it was a 5 hour trip, I might not have gone and I would have missed one of the best trips I’ve been on in quite some time! Continue reading

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WoJ – Certainly Blog-worthy

TASMANIA – Walls of Jerusalem – 10 – 13 January 2023
When Jim C told me he was doing the Walls of Jerusalem walk in Tassie in January, I said I’d be interested.  Then I got busy and didn’t do any research on the walk – after all, I’d done it before in 2015.  I was hoping that we’d walk the Lake Adelaide track, but wasn’t hopeful. Back in 2015 it wasn’t well known, so I figured that Jim would just do the standard “bounce” trip – in and out on the same track. Continue reading

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Maybe I need a better wetsuit!

GLOUCESTER TOPS – 27-28 December 2022
I’d heard there was a private trip happening at Kanangra.  Even though I’d been there a few weeks ago, at the time, I was so focused on not getting hypothermia in the 3°C weather, that I didn’t fully enjoy the experience.  I would have welcomed a repeat trip in warm weather lol.  Sadly, an invitation didn’t come my way, so I joined a trip to Gloucester Tops with BWOC. It’s been a long time between BWOC trips, but this trip may have me back in the fold!  Great company, excellent canyoning and trips that I wouldn’t think of leading myself. Continue reading

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Hard Core or Crazy?

KANANGRA BOYD NP – 17 & 18 December 2023
It’s a fine line between being hard core, or just plain crazy when doing wet canyons in freezing cold temperatures.  Dione Dell on Saturday wasn’t that bad but I was questioning my sanity on Sunday, when the 8am temperature was 3°C and we were going to do Box Creek Falls (a very wet canyon).  Continue reading

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The start of the No Gaps on Maps Series

DHARUG NP – 4th December 2022
Sorry, can’t take credit for the “no gaps on maps” tagline – it either originated with Louise or John G, not sure, but it certainly fits my foray into Dharug NP.  My map is covered in routes that I’ve taken over the years, starting back in the 1990s and since then I’ve done roughly 20 individual trips over a 45sqk area, but there was still some “unfinished business”. Continue reading

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