Henry’s Canyon

NEWNES PLATEAU – 7-9 January 2020
I was driving up to Newnes with Trish on Friday afternoon, but we needed to make a stop at the Salvos at West Gosford to drop off some stuff.  Unfortunately, the donation of Henry the Alpaca was declined, so he joined us on our weekend of canyoning with John and Kathy G. Continue reading

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IYDM #7 trip – Crikey Mate

NEWNES PLATEAU – 28 – 30 December 2021
The last time I went out to the Bubble Bath area of the Plateau, I figured Crikey Canyon might be a bit too much for me to take on.  After all, it was a 3 hour walk just to get to the camp cave, there’s no way that I’d be able to do the walk in and out and the canyon over a two day weekend.  But then Jim C said he was going to do Crikey over 3 days (along with 2 other canyons) and I decided that, as unfit as I am, I could probably go and just do Crikey. Continue reading

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Wotta day

BLUE MOUNAINS NP – 19 December 2021
After three days of outdoor activities, wasn’t sure I’d be up for a full (or almost full) day, but amazingly I managed to do the canyon, and I did the exit canyon too (and not take the early exit out).  Yep, slow going up the hill at the end of the day but that’s normal.  Perhaps I will be fit enough to do three days of canyoning at the end of the month! Continue reading

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Up Sh#t Creek

WOLLANGAMBE – 16 -17 December 2021
Some years ago, Jeff, Trish and I did our epic trip down the Wollangambe River from The Centre of the Universe down to the Wollangambe 1 Entry track.  Since then, I’ve had in mind to go back and camp on the bank of the Wollangambe at the end of an interesting looking unnamed creek.  We’d passed this campsite on the epic trip.  The plan was to walk all the way down this creek and see what the canyon sections were like. Continue reading

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Hiding in plain sight

GREAT NORTH WALK – SORT OF – 8 December 2021
This was a stunning walk, but treacherous, we probably should all have been wearing helmets, but for goodness sake it was a simple creek walk.  Mind you in this instance a helmet probably wouldn’t have helped.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Continue reading

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