Putting my money where my mouth is!

At the start of the COVID-19 Lockdown, the Australian Government sent me some money. I didn’t need it, but there’s a lot of people out there in Australia who do, so I thought I’d pass it on to rural Australia where people are doing it tough, first the bushfires, then flooding and now they’re in and out of lockdown.  I spent most of my period of lockdown on-line shopping looking around for products “made in Australia” so here’s the first of my reviews …  Continue reading

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Freeze Dried Honey – Yum!

Walking around Queenstown (NZ) back in February, the Legendary Louise and I popped into a liquor store (for some supplies – lol) and there was a package of freeze dried honey in a promotional display.  We raced to the counter to try and buy some, only to discover that the package in the display was all they had. Continue reading

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IYDM Trip #4 – Monkey Ropes Creek

ETTREMA WILDERNESS – 18 – 20 July 2020
When the Legendary Louise first mentioned her dream of doing Monkey Ropes Creek and the abseils, I said “not sure I’d be up for this” after all it was a 15k walk in and out, hence the In Your Dreams M grading.  But then I thought, “maybe we can charter a helicopter to get me and the ropes in and maybe an esky of beer!”.   Continue reading

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Warning people about the exposure might have been a good idea

BLUE MOUNTAINS NP – 11 July 2020
I’d forgotten how exposed some of these abseil trips could be.  I was introducing some people to canyoning (a nice easy trip – Whore’s Bed) and as it’s a short day, I added on a multi pitch abseil trip that I hadn’t done yet.  I can’t remember if I’d warned anyone of the exposure (bit of an oversight on my part).  Big thanks to David for leading the (very exposed) abseil pitches for us. Continue reading

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An Adventure with the Legendary Louise

ETTREMA PLATEAU – 4 – 6 July 2020
I think the last time I did the walk to/from Tilly Ann Gap, I swore that it was the last time, but all it needed was Louise saying that we’d go out and look for a lost cave and check on Monkey Ropes Creek and there I was on that bloody 16k of fire trail again!

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