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I’m not sure the physio had this type of walk in mind

GLEN DAVIS – 12 May 2018 John G had scheduled a return trip to Drowned Rat Canyon for this weekend and even though I couldn’t do the canyon because of my injured knee, I wasn’t going to miss out on … Continue reading

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Caving in Tasmania – the prize for “stamina” is announced

KOHINOOR & DIAMOND CAVES – 22 April 2018 Interestingly, all the caves in this small area are named after diamonds or precious gems.  I had given up my spot on the Marakoopa trip on the day before, but was looking … Continue reading

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Caving in Tasmania – “there’s a waterfall to climb”

LYNDS CAVE – 20 April 2018 Another stream-way cave with a waterfall to climb up.  Garry assured us that the waterfall was do-able – “all you have to do is traddle the top where the water flows over, and there … Continue reading

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Caving in Tasmania – “you should only get your legs wet”

CROESUS CAVE – 19 April 2018 Those were Garry’s words, plus “if you lean on one hand, and hold your pack to the side you shouldn’t get too wet” … wrong! It was a squeezy passage just to get in … Continue reading

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Caving in Tasmania – our “rest” day

GENGHIS KHAN – 18 April 2018 After my mammoth effort in Kubla Khan, I decided to forego Tuesday’s trip into Tailender, particularly as Garry said it was a very physical trip, so, I stayed back at the cabin, washed everyone’s … Continue reading

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