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I’m baaaack!

GLOUCESTER TOPS – 7-9 April 2023 Yes, I’ve not posted for quite some time, too many other distractions.  But now that all those other distractions are out of the way, Easter was fast approaching and I felt the need to … Continue reading

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“We might be walking out in the dark”

CARRAI NATIONAL PARK – 27 January 2023 There are benefits to not researching something before you go, and this trip was a case in point.  I knew we’d be driving up “Kempsey way”, about 338k – a 3.5 hour trip.  … Continue reading

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Maybe I need a better wetsuit!

GLOUCESTER TOPS – 27-28 December 2022 I’d heard there was a private trip happening at Kanangra.  Even though I’d been there a few weeks ago, at the time, I was so focused on not getting hypothermia in the 3°C weather, … Continue reading

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Hard Core or Crazy?

KANANGRA BOYD NP – 17 & 18 December 2023 It’s a fine line between being hard core, or just plain crazy when doing wet canyons in freezing cold temperatures.  Dione Dell on Saturday wasn’t that bad but I was questioning … Continue reading

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Wotta – not again!

WOTTA CANYON – 20 November 2022 If I said to some of my canyoning friends that I was doing Wotta Canyon, they’d be forgiven for thinking “what, again?”.  Yep, off to Wotta again, but in my defense, with Onni offering … Continue reading

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