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“We might be walking out in the dark”

CARRAI NATIONAL PARK – 27 January 2023 There are benefits to not researching something before you go, and this trip was a case in point.  I knew we’d be driving up “Kempsey way”, about 338k – a 3.5 hour trip.  … Continue reading

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Maybe I need a better wetsuit!

GLOUCESTER TOPS – 27-28 December 2022 I’d heard there was a private trip happening at Kanangra.  Even though I’d been there a few weeks ago, at the time, I was so focused on not getting hypothermia in the 3°C weather, … Continue reading

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Hard Core or Crazy?

KANANGRA BOYD NP – 17 & 18 December 2023 It’s a fine line between being hard core, or just plain crazy when doing wet canyons in freezing cold temperatures.  Dione Dell on Saturday wasn’t that bad but I was questioning … Continue reading

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Wotta – not again!

WOTTA CANYON – 20 November 2022 If I said to some of my canyoning friends that I was doing Wotta Canyon, they’d be forgiven for thinking “what, again?”.  Yep, off to Wotta again, but in my defense, with Onni offering … Continue reading

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Mary Jane canyon recce

BLUE MOUNTAINS – 10 June 2022 As many of my friends know, I’ve been wanting to clean up some plastic items in this canyon for some time, but the job needs more people than I have access to in MSS … Continue reading

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