What’s Coming Up

This is what’s planned in the coming months.  If you want to find out more about one of these adventures, simply email marilyn @ adventureswithm . com!


1-5/9/21 [MSS-MS] Yarrangobilly
Abseil Workshop Part 3




BWOC – Brisbane Waters Outdoors Club
MSS – Metropolitan Speleological Society
UBMBC – Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club
Private – this is a private trip, the initials denote who’s running the trip



  • John’s Waratah Canyon plus Four Dope or Deep Throat overnight trip
  • Crikey (IYDM)
  • Marijuana Ridge > Haystack Ridge
  • Hobnail
  • Wynnes Rocks to Upper North Bowen
  • Cesspit
  • Waterfall Creek upper section
  • Waterfall Creek lower section
  • Zircon Creek

Overnight Walks

  • Kanangra – Bullhead Ridge to Christy’s creek junction on Kowmung, downstream to Roots Ridge (exit), 3 days (warm weather as walking in Kowmung & swimming)
  • Mt Cameron to Colo via Tambo Creek (epic 5+ days) (IYDM)
  • Colo – Wheeny Gap – Everingham’s cave
  • Colo – Grassy Hill to upper reaches of Adderley Creek, exiting via ridge back to Grassy Hill (nice deep forest in the creek.
  • Colo – Wollemi Creek explore some of the passes that J L’E did
  • Colo – secret Tootie Creek campsite (shoulder seasons)
  • Ettrema Gorge – down Boomerang pass & upstream (shoulder seasons)
  • Ettrema Gorge – Nowra Road, down headwaters to Flat Rock Side Creek (car shuffle) – (shoulder season but warm weather for swims) – 2 nice campsites in Ettrema (Exploratory)
  • Newnes – Red Rocks (winter)
  • Budawangs – Corang circuit
  • Deua NP – anything there!
  • Wollangambe – side creek upstream of Wollangambe Crater and to the south of the tourist track, all the way down to junction and then returning via tourist track (summer) (Exploratory)
  • Sugee Bag Creek via Eastern Commission Track and new route to creek, camping in upstream camp cave
  • Eastern Commission Track then Birds Eye Creek recce overnight walk
  • Devines Hill – Western Commission track circuit
  • Frog Hollow creek exploration

Car Camps

  • Yengo – Frying Pan Rock car camp – explore “Jeff’s” Creek for water and upper Cutta Mutta Creek for water
  • Shoalhaven – maybe car camp with day walk to explore upper Washedaway Creek (Exploratory)

Day Walks

  • Megalong Valley – Galong Creek and canyon
  • Mangrove – Ironbark Falls to Postman’s track visiting Upside-Down Man Cave
  • Watagans – Revised Wallis creek exploratory (part of creek we missed)
  • Watagans – Hominy Creek western exit exploratory
  • Watagans – Rocky Ridge
  • Watagans – Barniers Road to Hammond Road (incl viewing short canyon section)
  • Watagans – Click Creek exploration
  • Watagans – Upper Upper Dora Creek
  • Watagans – Caves on Gap Creek (see article filed)
  • Mogo – Day walk to cairn
  • Olney SF – check out Cathedral Cave
  • Fraser Park – check out Timber Beach and extra caves at full low tide
  • Broke – Yellow Rock
  • Eastern Commission fire trail, check out aboriginal art Group 9 & 10 (McCarthy doc)