I’d buy this product just for the cool presentation!

Part #5 in Adventures with M On-Line (my grandson Bailey thinks I should create another blog solely for my on-line shopping reviews!).  I found this product on Facebook (of all places), the owners must have invested in a bit of social media advertising and it definitely worked for me.

I was hooked by the video that they had in their ad showing how they make their containers 

We’ve created the world’s first fully compostable jars – no more relying on recycling, just throw it in the compost bin and watch it become worm food! Or upcycle your jar to store jewellery, or return it to us for a refill! Our innovative design uses a cork seal, meaning absolutely no plastic is used. We use only sustainably sourced timber from salvaged logs; recycled timber; or local plantations. Each jar is produced by us, with love, in Dorrigo, rural Australia!

These are the little lip balm containers, made from bamboo, cute eh?

And then I came across another video on their cardboard packaging and yes, it arrived as expected, no plastic packaging, no sticky tape, tied with a bit of jute string.

Body butter and eye balm.

The product has a pretty good list of ingredients (as shown on their website), and I really liked the feel of it when applied and whilst what I used had a lovely perfume (Lavender and Lemon Scented Tea Tree) it wasn’t overwhelming and when applied seemed to be absorbed into the skin (no oily residue).

The verdict:  The product is a little pricey, but that didn’t deter me and the wow factor when you open the packaging and see it was worth it.  I’d definitely buy these products as gifts for discerning people, particularly those who are committed to environmental issues.

More about the Avirida:

“Our journey started when we began making our own skincare products to avoid purchasing lotions and balms wrapped in excessive plastic and to steer clear of the harmful chemicals they contain. Once we perfected our recipes, with the help of an experienced aromatherapist, it was time to package them up. But, there was a problem. We already knew that plastic wasn’t an option, and we quickly found out glass and aluminium were not much better, due to the large amounts of energy it takes to produce them.

We found our solution in wood. A renewable resource that we could source sustainably and, above all, it is completely natural and compostable. A win for our products and a win for the earth.

Avirida came to life through a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 which was when our factory in Dorrigo, NSW was born. Our skincare products and compostable wooden jars are made right here, and have made us Sustainable Innovators Award Winners at the Tamworth Sustainability Expo.”

Pretty nice back story eh?


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5 Responses to I’d buy this product just for the cool presentation!

  1. Michalee Davis says:

    Love this review M. So happy you shared

  2. Jenny Hughes says:

    wow! what a great idea! good find!


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