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Extreme Passages of Time

ETTREMA WILDERNESS – 19 – 21 September 2020 Back in June 2017, I’d walked from Discovery Cave, through the Passages of Time and then over to the North West to a side creek of Bundundah Creek, and discovered part of … Continue reading

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And you thought I didn’t know the meaning of an easy walk!

OLNEY STATE FOREST – 17 September 2020 My motivation to get out and do a fitness walk is non-existent, so I have been putting Thursday walks on the BWOC calendar.  Means that I have to do the walk, and also means … Continue reading

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IYDM Trip #6 – Up Ya Crack Canyon & Yarramun Creek

YARRAMUN CREEK – 11 – 13 September 2020 Anna has been reminding me over the past year that almost 12 months ago I said “that’s it for me, never doing another overnight canyoning trip, too hard!” And yet, here I … Continue reading

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I’d buy this product just for the cool presentation!

Part #5 in Adventures with M On-Line (my grandson Bailey thinks I should create another blog solely for my on-line shopping reviews!).  I found this product on Facebook (of all places), the owners must have invested in a bit of … Continue reading

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Return to Sugee Bag Creek #3 – still more unfinished business

DHARUG NATIONAL PARK – 3 September 2020 Back in June 2020, we found that a track shown on the topo map went further upstream than shown or expected.  We decided that we should go back and check it out to see … Continue reading

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