Free Tasman Sea Salt for a friend! How good is that?

Part 4 of “spending the kids inheritance to support the Oz economy”.  Trawling the internet looking for made-in-Oz products, I stumbled upon Tasman Sea Salt, a great find for anyone who loves cooking.  This small business was set up in 2013 by Chris and Alice in south eastern Tasmania, quite close to Swansea which I’d passed through years ago after visiting Freycinet NP, if I’d known they were there I would have called in to check them out.

As their website states, “Tasman Sea Salt contains an abundance of naturally occurring trace minerals derived from the pristine nutrient rich waters of the east coast of Tasmania.  Rich in potassium with lower levels of sodium than many other salts, Tasman Sea Salt contains all the goodness that nature intended.

Processing the salt.

For years now we’ve been encouraged to reduce our salt intake, but it turns out that iodized salt is really important, particularly for children and pregnant women.

A few months ago I listened to a podcast and the scientist being interviewed was stressing the importance of iodine in our diet.  He mentioned that back in the old days (pre 1970s) the dairy industry used to use Iodophores which entered the food supply, hence we were getting iodine through our diet.  However in the 1970s regulations adopted by the dairy industry meant that we no longer got our iodine in milk. I think he went on to say that we’re getting it in bread these days (maybe iodized salt).  Anyway, when I found Tasman Sea Salt, I thought what a good idea, iodized salt that’s flavoured.

What you get:  There are a few different products but I went with the 80g flavoured salt.  I bought three varieties, Sea Salt with Wakame Seaweed, Sea Salt with Pepper Berry and Smoked Sea Salt.  They also have a webpage with mouthwatering recipes.

Price:  The 80g containers retail at A$9.95 each and are highlighted in the banner above.  I’ve found other flavoured sea salts online and have determined that this price is very competitive.

Shipping:  Australian orders over $20 are shipped free, postage for orders under $20 is $8.

Special Deal:  I received an email last week from Tasman Sea Salt … “With everything that is going on at the moment our friends and family have never been more important. So, until the end of August, if you spend $40 or more at the Tasman Sea Salt online shop, we’ll send a friend of yours a free box of Tasman Sea Salt to let them know that you’re thinking of them.  Simply enter your friend’s name and address in the ‘Additional Info’ box at checkout and if your order is over $40 we’ll send them a free box of our signature Natural Sea Salt Flakes, 250g“. What a deal!  So, log in and place an order.

Verdict: everyone who got the selection from me agrees they’re great.  Jimmy has been using them sparingly as he wants to save them for some “fresh” dishes.  David is loving the smoked salt on meat dishes and Tanya is enjoying the seaweed and pepper berry on salads and vegetables.  I love the tastes but am especially looking forward to summer tomatoes sprinkled with the pepper berry salt.

Coming up next:  I’d buy this product just for the cool presentation!

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2 Responses to Free Tasman Sea Salt for a friend! How good is that?

  1. Kathy Leslie says:

    Love that you are spending the kids’ inheritance to support OZ products.
    The Berry pepper salt would be my choice!!! Shipping costs to Minnesota might not be cost effective for me!

    I have been making a concerted effort to support local artists who have really taken a financial hit due to Covid. Drove to northern Wisconsin to an art gallery I love.
    Young couple owns it. She is a potter. Bought 4 of her pieces. This is a win -win for both of us. She profits and I enjoy the fruits of her labor!!!

    Love your reviews!!!

    • marilyn says:

      Yes, I was talking to David last night about it, he just spent a bundle on Aussie vodka and gin and said how satisfying it was. Great to hear that you can still travel around between states, we’re limited to staying in our own state (lol). Trust all’s well, and am pleased that you’re loving the reviews, a little something to do when I’m not adventuring!

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