An unexpected Adventure with David

CENTRAL COAST – 25 July 2021
With my usual fitness walking friends either out of town, physically unable, out of our lockdown area or just too busy, I’d not been out walking for almost a month.  My son David kindly offered to go for a walk with me, so we went to a ridge that I’d often walked, mid-way between his house and mine.  Let me tell you, I was most unfit and struggled up the big hill to get to the ridge!

After walking along the ridge, we got to my usual turn-around point and up to this point the walk wasn’t blog-worthy.   I said to David “this is where I turn around” but he looked down the road ahead and noted that we could go that way (unknown country) but that we’d have to go “cross-country” to get to a road that would lead us back to our start point.

I have to admit being surprised by David’s suggestion, and without a map and compass wasn’t sure that this was a good idea, but David whipped out his iPhone and map with confidence so we went for it and I suggested he take some blog-worth pics (lol)!

There were numerous boxes on trees, look like bird houses, but not sure, they maybe for microbats as there’s a pic of what looks like a bat on this one.

Half way down the road we took a look into the valley – big surprise there, there we actual cliffs surrounding the creek – not a good spot to get down.

A little further on, David found this old fire trail, hopefully this would intersect with the road we were heading for.

The old fire trail petered out at a grassy spot, it might have been there but we couldn’t find where it started again, so we headed off track.

I think my comment at this time was “I’m not too sure about this, are you sure you know which way we should be going?”

Almost a grassy meadow, good spot for a campsite – and so close to home!

And then, after what seemed a long time in the scrub, we spotted a house down below.  I was a little hesitant to want through their back yard to get at the road, but then David said “isn’t this your friend’s house?” and sure enough it was.

We knocked on the door to do a COVID safe “hello” and then headed off to get back to David’s house and my car.  All up a good 6.42k walk … thanks so much David for going out for a walk with me.

Back now to sloth behavior, Brad, when are you returning?  Miss my walking partner. And, when will Lockdown end?  At the time of writing this (9/8/21), it’s been seven (yes, that’s 7) weeks of restrictions and lockdown due to Delta variant of COVID. We still have 2 weeks to go, and even then, no end in sight.

Banner:  the measly hill that I struggled to climb! how unfit can i be?

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4 Responses to An unexpected Adventure with David

  1. John L'Estrange says:

    Well done!
    How are your ribs? Have you moved yet? Did you get a buyer for the kayak?
    I have a sort of advantage, out my back door, two paces into and then up the asset protection zone and I am at 100m altitude on the edge of BWNP – 11 000 hectares, mostly bush so I have been doing a lot of off track day walking recently [a 10km limit on my bike gets me to (nearly) Kincumber, (not quite) Kariong and Patonga, a limited choice]. I’ll see if I can work out how to download the routes that I have been using – think about 2kph in the scrub! It’s great country to walk in especially as there is no-one else there!

    • marilyn says:

      You are so lucky living so close to the bush! Yes, sold the kayak, picked up on the weekend, just one more thing off my mind!

  2. Lindsay Barrett says:

    M, glad that you took David’s option. At the present time – if an opportunity presents itself – take it. You may not get that opportunity again.
    My last outing with friends (including Albert/Eli) was to cycle (+ unicycle) the Fernleigh Track; the announcement of Covid lockdown came later that afternoon. I’m glad that everyone (all from Sydney) came along, as I have not seen any of them since.
    Hopefully – Christmas/New Year don’t get cancelled.

    • marilyn says:

      Yeah, if the opportunity comes up will def take it. You are lucky having gotten to the Fernleigh Track, I think I got a days canyoning in before lockdown too. Yep, hope we do get a Christmas!

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