Getting back on the horse

MALAITA WALLS – 30 May 2021
Since my fall back in April (although I was on firm ground when I fell), I’d only abseiled once and that was a little daunting despite being only 10m!  However, Johan had invited me on an abseil trip to Malaita Walls, so I thought it was a good idea to get back on the horse.  Even though I’d done the Walls a few times, I’d forgotten how exposed it is!

Johan was introducing his nephew Andrew and Andrew’s girlfriend Bronte to multi-pitch abseiling (and probably eventually canyoning).  Johan invited Rob C and me along to help out (not that we did much) and for a fun day out. It had been many, many years since either Johan, Rob or I had done this abseil trip, so it was like the first time for us all.

Johan (right) giving Andrew some last minute instructions before sending him over the first pitch (that’s really throwing Andrew into the deep end!)

JV giving Bronte some last minute advice – very nerve wracking being 200m up with a lot of exposure – she was very brave.

Johan on the abseil. It’s very committing, about 40+m and you have to land on a teeny tiny ledge and make sure you don’t go past it!

Andrew ready to do abseil #2 about a 26m pitch.

Bronte going over the edge.

JV on the pitch – I really liked this one, was feeling much more confident after having done the first very exposed abseil!

Bronte on abseil #3 – about a 30m+ pitch.

A cold day and not as sunny as I would have liked, with a sharp wind, still a beautiful view though.

Rob on abseil #4.

The base of abseil #4.

Rob on Abseil #5.

Rob, always nice to get to the bottom!

Abseil #6 (I think, I’m loosing count!)

Bronte on Abseil #6.

Rob on abseil #6.

Bronte on the final abseil, most people do #6 and this one as one pitch.

Rod on the final abseil.

We were down the bottom just after lunch, all safe and sound.  It was a really great trip and I now feel much more comfortable about getting back to abseiling and canyoning.

Thank you JV for inviting me and thanks to Rob, Andrew and Bronte for your company, a great day out, hope to see you on a canyon next season!

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  1. Kathy Leslie says:


  2. Jenny Hughes says:

    One way to get back on the horse! Not many people would have chosen such exposed long abseils, but then again you are pretty unique!

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