In search of the elusive Watagans Canyon – #3

Yes, still looking for a canyon closer to home, and whilst Heather had warned me that there wasn’t a canyon in this unnamed creek, I was still hopeful.  It was a nice walk in a lovely creek with a Hole in the Rock in an almost-canyon section.

The weather wasn’t great, it had rained the night before so the bush was wet.

Seeing Heather was leading the way, I thought it was only right that she go first – and get the water off the bush.

Evidence of the considerable logging which had been undertaken in years gone past, we did see though a lot of massive trees.

Once closer to a small side creek, the vegetation opened up considerably.

The cascade above the waterfall which flowed into the creek we would be walking down.

Looking down from the top of the waterfall.

We had to walk around the cliff-line to get to our convenient pass down (which was the only route down for a considerable distance).

The drop wasn’t that bad but very slippery and muddy.

It took us a bit of bush bashing to get back to the waterfall, very pretty though.

At the base, Heather with the big clump of roots at the waterfall.

Now we’re walking downstream, our plan was to go downstream for about a k.

At times the creek opened up with nice rock slabs to walk on.

Very pretty.

Clump of fungus, about the size of your fingernail.  I was hoping to find some Ghost Fungus but wasn’t lucky.

After an hour’s walking we were at our exit creek, looking downstream beyond where we were exiting.

Looking upstream.

After going up a spur to avoid a large fallen tree, we were in our exit side creek named by Trish N, starts with a T and relates to her inability to make a decision (maybe tentative) (lol).

This little creek was nicer than expected, not at all scrubby and very easy walking.

With an almost “canyon” at one point.

The hole in the rock.  No idea of how it formed, just sitting there on the side of the rock shelf, not wind eroded – the creek should be called Hole in the Rock Creek.

Still making our way up the creek with a small waterfall section.

Small cascade at the end where we exited.

From the creek it was a 10 minute walk through nice open country to get back to Heather’s car.  Great morning out, a good 4 hour walk with some small mini-challenges.

Thanks so much Heather for taking me.

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4 Responses to In search of the elusive Watagans Canyon – #3

  1. Roy Cotton says:

    Thanks M great to see you out and about.
    Hope the restrictions keep lifting.
    I am always amazed at the spectacular photos. Keep up the good work

    • marilyn says:

      Thanks Roy, am hopeful that eventually I’ll be able to go overnight walking, but think that’s a while away yet. Yes, am getting out quite a bit now, takes a lot of determination and discipline to do it though, could easily stay at home under the doona!

  2. Adrienne Drysdale says:

    Nice photos Marilyn.

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