The Lockdown Challenge

BERKELEY VALE – 21 April 2020
So, we’ve all heard the PM giving us an overview of what’s ahead.  And it isn’t pretty – we could be looking at six months of “stay at home”.  I thought I would find it difficult being socially isolated and not being able to go out into the bush – as did all my friends, the first question I get when they call me is “how are you coping?” 

Part of getting through the lockdown is Acceptance + Action, that is accepting “what is” and then taking action within the Lockdown guidelines.  So, accepting … I’ve cleaned the house to such an extent you can actually eat off the floor, and I make myself make the bed when I get out of it (virtually unheard of in the past) and get dressed (no more surfing the net in my PJs), I’m still struggling with brushing my hair and teeth though.

I’ve spent a small fortune with Amazon for trashy novels for the Kindle – and treat myself on weekends to laying in bed all day reading them.  Just heard that the library will be doing home deliveries soon – yah, I’m over the trash novels.

I’ve spent every day in the garden weeding and pruning (this is the view from the downstairs door) I’ve got some sort of shoulder injury from all this gardening.

Have done so much pruning and weeding that I’ve filled up 10 Otto bins over the last 4 weeks (my fishpond at the front door).

And I’ve still got a pile of green waste that I can’t jump over waiting for the next Green Bin day but the garden is looking good.

In fact, I’ve become fanatical about the garden, I used to blow the leaves off the front path and driveway once every 6 months, now it’s almost weekly.

I’ve given myself RSI spending countless hours sitting watching Netflix and sewing Christmas stockings. And I’ve spent a small fortune doing online shopping (obsessed with buying Made in Oz products and gifting them to friends and family).  What am I going to be like in 6 months time?

I think I’ve nailed the acceptance, the housework and gardening were over the top actions, but haven’t given me much to look forward to. 

And, I’ve got absolutely no motivation whatsoever to get out there and exercise – once this is all over I wont be in shape to do anything physical and I’ll have put on a ton of weight from eating all the good stuff I’m cooking.  So, it’s time for some different action and some exercise!

I’ve set myself a challenge and I’m looking for co-challengers (if that’s even a word). My challenge is physical, but if you want to do a Lockdown Challenge too, it doesn’t have to be physical, it might be as simple as cleaning out the garage so you can make it into a rumpus room (that would be you Kylie M), or writing that paper on a math problem that you are going to solve (that would be you Louise).

My Challenge … there have to be some parameters and these are mine (or yours if you choose to do a physical challenge) …

  1. It has to be something that really challenges me (eg if you’ve done 100k bike rides in the past, come up with something more challenging!)
  2. We all have until 30 June 2020 to complete the challenge – allows heaps of time to train!
  3. All of my training should be within a 10 – 15 min driving radius of my place of residence (so, it’s ok to drive to the local park/beach whatever to train/exercise, most people have a park or national park close to home).
  4. The start and end of my challenge must be within 30min of my place of residence (my interpretation of  “exercising” whilst “staying at home”), i.e. none of this driving all over hell and back to do the challenge.
  5. In line with social distancing, you either do it solo or you have a challenge partner, but you must maintain 1.5m distance between you during training and the challenge (including in a vehicle to train or get to the start of your challenge).
  6. If your challenge is a “through trip”, i.e. you need to be dropped off/picked up at the start or end, as a “once off” this is ok, but more credit to you if you don’t have to involve someone else in this manner (I’m thinking of borrowing a second vehicle – that in itself will be a challenge!).
  7. Whatever challenge you do, you agree to send me photos and your story if you participate so I can publish on the blog at the end of the challenge.

So, what’s my challenge …

I’m going to walk from Norah Head Lighthouse all the way down the coast to Bateau Bay.  Doesn’t sound very challenging you say … well it is for me!

  1. I absolutely HATE doing anything solo – I love company and the thought of walking for ages by myself horrifies me;
  2. I HATE exercising – I’ve thought up every excuse known to mankind to avoid exercising;
  3. I absolutely HATE walking on the beach – and the vast majority of the 20k walk will be on the beach; and
  4. I wouldn’t dream of doing a 20k walk, 10 – 15k is my limit, so this is really a challenge.

So, it’s published on the blog now, I have to follow through – starting today … who’s up for a challenge?


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14 Responses to The Lockdown Challenge

  1. Michalee says:

    YAY!!! I believe in you M!!!! I will ponder something too and get back to you. Can’t wait to here about your progress.

    • marilyn says:

      Started today Mickie D – did an hour’s circuit down to Killarney Vale, picked up some new walking shoes whilst down there. Knowing you, your challenge will be “interesting”, M

  2. John L'Estrange says:

    My activities (I have three “up my sleeve”):
    1. Walk out my back door into the bush and then, off-track, head in as straight a line as possible to Wondabyne Station and train/bus home.
    2. Walk to Ettalong, ferry to Wagstaffe, over the hill to the seaside and follow tracks, trails along the coast to Copacabana and bus home.
    3. Cycle with my kayak on the trailer to Umina Beach, paddle around Dangar Island and back. Alternatively, weather dependent, around Scotland Island and back.
    I think that they will be full day activities so will need to take water and food (and bandaids for the scrub bites for #1 and #2), can’t rely on cafes being open for lunch.
    Will take a camera.

    • marilyn says:

      Excellent John, can’t wait to see your “selfies”, and given you’ve had such a bad run with health in the past year, but have come through on the other side, am excited that you took up the challenge! M

  3. David says:

    I’m going to build a climbing / traverse wall in the space underneath my house. It is to include ceiling holds and fixings for artificial climbing. Photographs will document the progress.

    • marilyn says:

      Whooo hooo, great that you’ve put a time frame on this, know you’ve talked about it a bit over the past 6months and bonus for me, when the lockdown’s over I’ll be able to practice my traverses on it – maybe even get over my exposure issues. Thanks for participating David!

  4. Jenny Hughes says:

    What about some photos of the back yard. What does the rose garden and vege patch look like? are they as amazing as the rest of the garden? I feel like I am looking at a tropical resort when I see your photos!
    You could book a council pick up for your green waste , if it is in the road. It’s free.

    • marilyn says:

      haha, I have a friend that calls it the Berkeley Vale Resort, and walking in the entry way, it sort of feels like that. The back yard is a mess due to the flood, roses at the end of their display, I’ve raked up all of the weed from the flood, and unlike others have stockpiled it, so when it breaks down will top dress the grass with it. I have however spent heaps of time weeding the grass, so despite some major bare patches from the flood, it’s looking pretty good.

  5. Jenny Hughes says:

    Thank you for the ‘challenge’ idea. As I struggle with exercise these days, training, or trying to do more just brings me undone. I can only do what I feel I can do each day. There for I have put much thought into what i can do for a challenge. I have decided I am going to ‘challenge’ myself to say less and try not to get people off side with the way I say things. I am not going to make suggestions unless it is a basic suggestion like” have you considered???? I am going to pause before saying anything and try to say as little as possible except asking questions in a curious way to get others to open up and do all the talking. I will be keeping a diary to assess how much I stick to this each day, and document how I could have done better.

    • marilyn says:

      Wow Jenny, can’t imagine you putting anyone off-side, but I love your challenge, think I should maybe try this one too … maybe after my walk. Looking forward to your update at the end.

  6. Maria Alexandersson says:

    I will write a book about my father and the little village he grow up in. I will send the book to be printed before the 30th of June. So far, I have interviewed my father several times over the phone and I have written 11500 words. I will now start to find old photos and I will share these with you Marilyn. I could also translate some parts of the text to English (or you could have another challenge to learn Swedish 🙂

    • marilyn says:

      Awesome Maria, am so excited that you’re participating, and what a great thing to write! Looking forward to the photos.

  7. Kylie Malone says:

    This is a wonderful idea Marilyn, and fantastic write up as always. I will have to come up with something more interesting than the garage (although that statement is probably just another excuse to avoid it). I’ll keep you posted and look forward to reading about your coastal adventure.

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