Abseiling the Redhead Cliffs – just for the hell of it

REDHEAD – 5 January 2020
Thanks to Brad from BWOC, we were able to go to Redhead and do some big abseils, just for the hell of it.  After all, with no rain and too many fires, there wasn’t much more that we could do; I was surprised that so many people signed up – obviously everyone’s getting cabin fever.

Weather wasn’t the best, I was hoping for lovely blue sky and sparkling blue water … too much smoke around.  Brad, Penny and I turned up early and started setting up.  Good practice for setting bomb proof anchors, the coastal banksias aren’t that big and who knows how deep the topsoil is!

Photo out of order, this was at the end of the day, but showing most of the group (Marcia and Steve had left early and Heather was missing for the photo – as usual), l – r, Trish N, Garry S, me, Brad M, Alan C, Steve R, Trish M and Penny Sitting down. (Photo: Garry K Smith)

Marcia on the first abseil (Photo: Garry K Smith)

Trish N (with Heather watching) at the first abseil (Photo Garry K Smith)

Penny on the first abseil.

Alan on the abseil.

Me on the first abseil (about 55m). Not a good abseil for me, too much friction and used my VT prussic (with too much friction), so was feeding the rope the whole way. Plus, the bars on the rack were all up the top so had a lot of difficulty getting over the edge, not the best abseil I’ve ever done, had to go back and do it again!. (Photo Garry K Smith)

The abseil from the bottom.  Brad was the first one over the edge, there was some confusion  … Trish seemed to think an 80m rope was used when see did it, all we had were 60m ropes! So, tied a knot in the bottom, then Brad went to the edge to look, yaa, rope reached the bottom (right at the base of the cliff, and you were able to use it to get down the treacherous ramp down to Steve (who’s belaying). (photo: Garry K Smith)

Alan (and Brad) at the top of the 2nd abseil. This was not a great start, you went over the edge and had to try to avoid a slot in the cliff-line and the slope to the cliff was a bit slippery. Nevertheless, I did the abseil, would probably do it again, but definitely not for beginners. (Photo: Garry K Smith)

Great shot of Penny, thanks Garry. (Photo: Garry K Smith)

The rock face at the bottom of the cliff.  These are fossilised logs, a lot of them.  There are similar logs in the Swansea Headland about 10k (maybe more) away.  There is the belief that the forest on the shore was overcome by a volcanic eruption some 20k to the east and the blast was so forceful that it snapped off the trees and they fell over towards the west, ash then settled on the tree stumps and flattened branches. I am tempted to go to Swanse to see the petrified forest there.

The exit route, a good fisherman’s track up through a gully, easy-as, but after going up the track 3 times, I’d had enough.

Looking back along the coast towards the cliff we’d abseiled.

Packing up for the day – we’d all done 3 – 4 abseils, and had had enough.

Some saw dolphins at some point, but they were a long way out.  After we’d had enough of the abseils, Garry suggested that we go to Caves Beach to check out the sea caves, most of us hadn’t been there before so joined him (Trish and Steve went home though, they’d been there before).  It was a short walk along the (crowded) beach to get to the caves, and there were a lot of them.

The first with a small walk through tunnel.

Heather (a rare photo) and Penny.

Trish, Brad and Penny outside of a cave you can walk into.

Entering a cave, kids were having a lot of fun in this “through trip” – I have to say these caves were more fun than the dusty ones I’m used to (photo: Garry K Smith).

Garry coming out of the dark zone – we’d all taken our head torches – the beach goers must have thought we were strange.

Another one of the caves you can walk into.

A tunnel with a nice key-hole in the side.

Another section with a dark zone, sort of ends in a dead end but Garry and Alan joked that it was a possible dig.

The Caves Beach cavers (l – r), Trish N, Penny S, me, Alan C and Brad M. (Photo: Garry K Smith)

As far as we could go at high tide (looking south).

All in all, a great day out, surprises for everyone and it just goes to show that you can live in an area for ever and still not know what’s on offer.

Thanks everyone for joining me for this adventure, was great having you all along!

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4 Responses to Abseiling the Redhead Cliffs – just for the hell of it

  1. Jenny hughes says:

    What a great way to spend the day! Looked so beautiful. Did u go for a swim?

  2. Kathy Leslie says:

    Still binge watching !! This trip looks amazing! I can barely look at the abseiling photos due to my fear of heights, but amazing, none the less!!!
    Thanks again for sharing! Kathy

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