The waterfalls were pumping!

BLUE MOUNTAINS – March 19, 2017
After 290mm+ rain over five days, a trip up to the Blue Mountains to check out the waterfalls seemed like a good idea.  My proposed decadence walk to Kanangra was washed out so David S suggested that we go for a drive on Sunday to look at Wentworth Falls.  We picked Johan up on the way. 

Wasn’t the best day to go walking, we had on our raincoats and the expectation was that we’d get wet, which we did.

The walk started out in rain, fog and mist, no views to speak of.

After 15 minutes we got our first hint of what was ahead, “waterfalls” where there usually aren’t any, albeit small ones.

Johan and David crossing one of the side creeks in Valley of the Waters, this section of track is usually just damp!

Our first view of Empress Falls

Walking down the side of Empress Falls

The rim of the falls is where we usually abseil from, above today, and below back in 2006 with the “usual” amount of water

Empress Falls 2006

Walking down to the stepping stones below Empress Falls

David crossing, the water was ankle deep, but it’s usually about 30cm lower than this when you cross, it was very safe as there is a cable between the metal posts

Looking back at the stepping stones

Making our way further downstream

Valley of the Waters just below Empress Falls, this is usually just a trickle.

The way forward didn’t look too good to me, for the next 10minutes I stayed where Johan is and watched Johan and David sus out the way ahead.

They made their way down to the next level but they knew that there was a gap in the railing, after that it would have been fine but at that point was dodgy. The guys would have gone ahead but I wasn’t going to go, I don’t like swift water unless I’m tied onto something; even with the railing I wouldn’t have liked going down this bit. So, we decided to turn around and head back for lunch.

My camera died at this point, but we headed back up and then took a side trip to the upper reaches of Empress Falls, the water at the changing area was about 30 – 50cm higher than normal.  We made it back to the Conservation Hut in time for our lunch reservation at 1pm, absolutely soaked.

After lunch we drove around to Wentworth Falls.  It was probably a good thing that we couldn’t go further than the Valley of the Waters as we would have approached from a different angle and wouldn’t have seen the Falls from such a great vantage point.

Our first sighting of Wentworth Falls. Note the people on the walking track above it, they are behind a barrier so they can’t be swept over.

From another angle, a massive amount of water.

From a lookout further away so you can see the height of the falls, lots of mist at the bottom and it would have been very windy. The noise was incredible.

close up shot

This is how Wentworth Falls usually looks.

Walking around on the track, very muddy in places, the track is at the bottom of the first cliff-line and there’s another cliff-line below us.

Another waterfall on the cliff, again, you would not normally see any waterfalls here.

David pointing out the features of taking photos with a phone (these are photos from my phone, very good quality)

Part of the walking track that’s been upgraded with good stepping stones.

Another small cascade on the way back

By this time the weather had cleared and the sun was shining, a view down the valley of Wentworth Creek

Scenery for my overseas friends, classic Blue Mountains country.

I’ve not done many day walks in the Blue Mountains, thanks David and Johan for taking me along with you.

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9 Responses to The waterfalls were pumping!

  1. Shirley H says:

    Great day out with the boys – very impressed with the camera shots.

    • marilyn says:

      Yes, lovely day. Every time we have a deluge I say “I must go and see ….” but never get around to it, or have no-one to go with, so was great that DS and JV wanted to do this walk.

  2. David says:

    ….that was nothing!!! Just low cloud!!!

  3. Jeff says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t take a lilo!

  4. Jenny Hughes says:

    You never loose your sense of adventure M. Even in the wettest of weather!

  5. Jeff says:

    2 weeks and 4 days

    • marilyn says:

      Thanks for the post, and 2 weeks 4 days isn’t all that long! You’ll be ready to go on a walk with me!

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