Kanangra – the only thing missing was snow

P1050986KANANGRA – 2 & 3 JULY 2016
It was the birthday weekend for three of the Heaphy Group – all Cancerians, their birthdays fell within 4 days of each other.  We met up at Kanangra Walls on Saturday morning, as Anne and I drove from Oberon towards Kanangra Walls, we kept seeing piles of unmelted snow on the side of the road.  Not an auspicious start.  However, we’d come well prepared, numerous padded blankets, two woollen blankets, two sleeping bags (each) and all the warm clothes I possessed.  As soon as we got out of the car, we rushed to put on beanies, gloves and down jackets.

David had the billy already boiling and Jane had brought along a slice, so we had morning tea before setting out at around 9.30am.


On top of Kanangra walls, David pointing out Kanangra Main waterfall which was pumping

The walk out onto Kanangra Walls was as usual spectacular, a first for Anne and Jane and they were suitably impressed.  David then took us out along Maxwell Tops to Coal Seam cave and then down to Cottage Rock (a special place for David).  In honour of Anne and Jane, all on track (as David kept reminding me, this was a beginners walk).

David showing Anne and Jane how to get down through the cliff line


Anne climbing up to the top of Cottage Rock, neither Anne nor Jane was happy with the climb.

We climbed the rock and had an early lunch around 11am taking in the amazing views.   We then started back, we had all day, but David was on a mission to get back to the cars and to the campsite to gather wood for the fire.



Lunch on top of Cottage Rock – David, Jane, Anne

We met up with JV at the campsite around 2.30pm.  It’s their secret campsite, nice and flat, easy to drive in to, plenty of fire wood and a big fire pit with a rock wall at the back that projected the heat from the fire out to where you sat.


Tents pitched, beds made up, we then scoured the area for fallen wood.  As we gathered it, I was thinking that surely we had enough but David and JV thought otherwise, I certainly didn’t think we’d get through that much wood, but we did.

The temperature started dropping, more clothes were added (although David and JV were walking around in just jumpers!) and we settled in for the night.  Wine was brought out and gifts given (even to those of us without a birthday), then we started on the nibbles (which I took – caviar, smoked salmon, bruchetta and cheeses).  I was worried that we’d eat too much which would spoil our dinner but David timed it perfectly, the camp oven roast and vegetables were produced at 7.30pm and by that time we’d digested the nibbles!  The roast was followed shortly thereafter by chocolate cake and ice cream (cake courtesy of Jane and David who’d managed to keep the ice cream frozen).

Sitting around the campfire, waiting for beer time (Photo David S)

Eventually the cold was too much for Anne, Jane and me, so armed with hot water bottles we hit the sack and sought warmth under all the down covers.  Amazingly we were all toasty warm – the benefits of a car camp!  We figure the temperature didn’t hit zero (no ice on the tents and the wind during the night kept the dew at bay), but next morning shortly after breakfast the temperature dropped to 1°C so we were all happy to pack up and head for Mt Vic and hot chocolate.  So, what was the adventure?  Am pretty certain you couldn’t guess.

Cool butterscotch fungi just near the campsite, almost looked good enough to eat!



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2 Responses to Kanangra – the only thing missing was snow

  1. Jen says:

    Wow! What a great weekend. Sounds cold!!! I look forward to reading your adventures every Monday! thank you for taking the time to write them.

    • marilyn says:

      Was cold, has made me nervous about an upcoming trip down to Perisher, don’t think I can carry enough gear to keep warm!

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