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SRT with Bailey

CASTLE HILL – 28 May 2017 If you want to canyon or do vertical caves, you have to know how to self-rescue.  I’ve been restricted from taking Bailey canyoning because up until now, all he’d done was abseil down the … Continue reading

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Chocolate Truffles – to go with the Red Wine

When you’re sitting around the campfire, there’s nothing better than chocolate to go with the Red Wine.  Yes, you could go out and buy a block of chocolate, but where’s the fun in that.  Plus one or two pieces is … Continue reading

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How do you know you’re an optimist?

SPRING CREEK – Kings Tableland – May 13 & 14, 2017 You know you’re an optimist when someone says “nah nothing there” and still you go looking for a canyon!  Following on from the great abseil trip down Blue Drum … Continue reading

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Wild Women on Ropes

BLUE DRUM CREEK – Kings Tableland –  7 May, 2017 The pre-trip rider from the leader stated the trip was “quite challenging … involves a few hairy scrambles … some tricky abseils … challenging scramble to exit”, so, it was with some trepidation … Continue reading

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