Is there such a thing as an unknown campsite?

T3 Track > Un-named Ridges > Tootie Creek > Un-named Spur > T3 Track
We think so!  Jeff had gone off by himself a year or so ago and found a campsite that he’s sure no-one has used before, he reckoned it was 5-star, so he wanted us to take a look at it before putting it down as an overnight destination.

Our route, a few ups and downs, a lovely ridge/spurWe got some of the A-Team together and took Grandson Bailey along for the ride.  Everyone else camped at the end of the T3 Track the night before, Bays and I drove up on Saturday morning.

Trish at the start of the ridge/spur, nice open country and rock slabsIf we told you exactly where we went, then it would no longer be a secret, suffice it to say, we left the T3 tourist track (that goes down to the junction of the Colo River and Tootie Creek) and headed off cross-country on an unnamed spur, changing direction here or there, and eventually ending up at Tootie Creek.


Trish in another climb downThe ridges were lovely, quite open, lots of rock scrambling, a few challenging climbs down, and little or no dense scrub.  Definitely the type of route that you could take novice walkers on (if they were willing to go off-track!).  We were down at the Creek by lunchtime and had lunch on a nice rock slab, it was a nice warm day and all except Jeff took a dip in the deep pool just downstream from the Heather on the nice challenging climb down, there's a 2m drop at the bottomrock slabs.

We checked out the campsite and it was all that Jeff had described, nice and flat, heaps of room, shaded under trees, just a stone’s throw from water (to boil the billy) and a beautiful pool that you could swim in with rock slabs all around, the perfect campsite for a summer or late spring walk.  And the best part was that it isn’t a one way walk (in and out on the same route), you could walk downstream for a ways and then there was a good route out.



Rock slabs near the camp siteSo, we headed off downstream.  Jeff managed to keep his shoes/sox dry the whole way down, the rest of us occasionally took to the creek, or rock-hopped.  There were a few challenges, none of which you couldn’t walk around, and one that I made more difficult than it looked, traversing across a rock-face, I was down too low, those that stayed higher were fine, I ended up jumping in!Bailey on the challenge, I got so far and jumped, you could actually walk around, but where's the fun in that?

Bailey in one of the CascadesEventually we were at the exit spot, and again, there was a lovely pool to swim in and a cascade that you could sit in.





We frolicked a little until we could put it off no longer and headed up the spur.  It wasn’t hard, if you took your time it was nothing at all, it just seemed never ending, but just when you though that it would never end, you popped right out onto the tourist track and you were only a half hour or so to the cars.


Looking downstream from the exit point, Heather in the distance


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