In search of the elusive Giant Pink Slug

MOUNT KAPUTAR NP – 15-19 November 2023
At 20cm long, and a fluro pink, this slug should have been easy to spot.  I didn’t know about it before I went to this National Park, but once you get there “Pinky” the slug is on all their information signage.  Sadly, even though we checked out any mossy, wet vegetation, that we came across, we didn’t find evidence of this elusive slug. Continue reading

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Who says I don’t know how to an easy walk?

BELL, BLUE MOUNTAINS NP – 12 November 2023
I wouldn’t have even know about this walk if I hadn’t seen an email from someone else saying they were going there, so it was in the back of my mind.  And when, after the MSS AGM, we decided that a small Sunday walk would be nice, I put the walk forward.  John G and Onni had done it before, so I wouldn’t even have to figure out where to go – bonus! Continue reading

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Another No Gaps on Maps walk

IRONBARK CREEK – MOUNT OLIVE, Popran NP – 4 November 2023
No Gaps on Maps walk #2:  The weather forecast wasn’t looking good – 20-50mm rain, but everyone said they were “still keen”.  Although when I backed out of the garage and it was windy and already bucketing down, I didn’t expect that they would still be keen when I met them at Mangrove Mountain store.  And there they were, at the store, and early! Continue reading

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Return to Mary Jane with the UBMBC eco warriors

“MARY JANE” CANYON, Blue Mountains NP – 2 November 2023
In 2019, I did an exploratory canyon with Anna O-B and Rod S.  It was the first time any of us had done this particular canyon (the actual name of the canyon, is not Mary Jane, which is a nod to the old weed plantation in the canyon).  We didn’t know the way in, so just headed down where we thought the canyon would start and what do you know there was a cliff-line to get around.  Continue reading

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Panay Road Trip

PART 3 – PANAY ISLAND, RP – 8 – 14 October 2023
I’m in an outrigger with seating for 35, and there’s 38 people and so much luggage that it’s way overloaded.  The trip from to the main island will take an hour, and thoughts of Gilligan’s Island are going through my mind.  The islands that I thought I’d be able to swim to a week ago, were looking a lot further away on this trip! Continue reading

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