The opposite of Next Level Caving

I’m not sure whether other people are as introspective as I am, but I often wonder what will I do when I can no longer do canyoning or caving?  I thought cave surveying would fill the void, but not sure I want to be belly-crawling through squeezes trying to measure to the next feature for much longer.  Nor do I want to go to the effort of keeping fit enough to do SRT caves and the type of canyons that I like.  So, what’s next you ask? Continue reading

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Bludge walk with John

COOLEMAN PLAINS – 15 March 2024
I’d been “out of action” for over a week after cataract surgery, so I was keen to get out and do some exercise. I was down in the Kosciusko National Park at Yarrangobilly, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive and John B was going out to the Cooleman Plains to check on some limestone a-tents, so I decided to join him.  I’d be able to check out the brumby situation, and also get some exercise – win-win. Continue reading

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No Gaps on Maps walk #3

MOUNT WILSON – 11 February 2024
This started out as a suggestion from John G for that we do a small unpublished canyon that I’d done about 6 years ago.  It was nice of him to ask me, he could easily have done this by himself (even solo)! When looking at the map, I saw that the creek the canyon was on flowed into a 2k section of South Bowens that I hadn’t done, whoo hoo maybe I could close a gap on the map!  Continue reading

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A “we’ll just” trip with John

GLEN DAVIS, NSW – 2-3 February 2024
It was John G’s birthday weekend, and he always puts on some exploratory canyoning, it’s sort of a tradition.  This year it would be a car camp at Glen Davis and a couple of canyons.  On the drive up through the Hunter Valley on Friday afternoon to get to Glen Davis (a 4.5 hour drive) the car temperature gauge was reading 40ºC, I didn’t even want to get out of the car to have a rest break!  Continue reading

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Belly sliding through a streamway – what’s not to love?

DEUA NP – 27 January 2024
I first visited Wyanbene in May 2015, with Natalie, we were underground for a long time, probably started around 9 and didn’t get out until it was dark (admittedly, it was May, much earlier sunset!).  I wasn’t keen to go back, there was that ladder climb, and I recall crawling for hours in a streamway, groveling in water and mud. And yet, here I was again. Continue reading

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